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Blake Bauer Teachings

Blake D. Bauer is an international bestselling author, counsellor, and alternative medicine practitioner. He is considered my many to be a modern mindfulness, meditation and Qi Gong master. Blake's work has helped thousands of people to improve the quality of their life, health and relationships - many of whom could not find lasting solutions from conventional medicine, psychiatry or religion.


Based on his training with spiritual teachers, healers, and masters from all over the world, Blake practices and teaches various forms of meditation, qi gong, qi gong energy medicine, and dao yin (a health and longevity yoga). Blake’s formal education also includes traditional Chinese medicine, five-element Chinese medicine, nutritional medicine, herbal healing, psychology, past life regression therapy-hypnosis, and various other forms of traditional healing and alternative medicine.


Bringing together the most effective spiritual practices and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing, Blake’s work and teachings have successfully guided thousands of people internationally toward greater happiness and freedom.

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