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Bernadette Wright from New Life Patterns

Hello and Welcome. Bernadette is a Counsellor, Life Coach, NLP Consultant and is an experienced workshop/group facilitator who has been involved in personal development for over 13 years.

Bernadette sees each person as a unique individual who has their own story to tell, and her role is to listen and support each person to create the new life that they want and deserve. Bernadette will listen to you without judgment or criticism, find the hidden beliefs and values that you live your life by, and support you in finding the answers you seek and unlocking your new life patterns. 

Bernadette specialises in assisting people to adjust to changes in their relationships by strengthening their skills in communication, bringing insight and awareness to their behaviours, thoughts and feelings so that they can create healthy and loving relationships with those they love. These skills can also be applied to their work environment to improve their effectiveness and performance which can lead to increased opportunities in the workplace and building stronger working relationships with colleagues.

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