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Beaumaris Theatre Inc. presents Pillow Talk Auditions

Beaumaris Theatre Inc. is thrilled to present auditions for our August production of Pillow Talk.


Pillow Talk is a tragic comedy about life, love and the promises we make. Written specifically for community theatre, this show calls for a strong and dedicated cast capable of nuancing characters with a light comic touch combined with sincerity in the darker moments.


In act one we follow the development of our leading couple, Henrietta and Harry, who have stolen an illicit week together, escaping the monotony of their respective marriages to find passion and eventually love in each other's arms.


Act two sees them happily married with grown-up children but facing an uncertain medical future. Visits from Cassie, their daughter and Justin, Henrietta's son from her previous marriage, complicate the family dynamic. The play references the Victorian Assisted Dying legislation, the choices we have and the meaning of love.

Audition Dates

Saturday 25 May 10am - 6pm

If you are auditioning for two roles, please book two spots.

Call-backs by invitation held Sunday 26 May.


How to book an audition

It's easy - just click on your preferred audition time below and fill out the registration form. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is complete. Each audition slot is 10 minutes.


For audition queries please contact us at


Young Henrietta (Henri) - 30 something

Henri is a young professional woman trapped in a loveless marriage. She appears forward and demanding, particularly in her relationship with Harry, a work colleague with whom she is having an affair. Henri wants passion and excitement back in her life and is not afraid to demand it.

This role could be doubled with Cassie. If you would like to be considered for both roles, please book two audition spots.


Audition requirements: Scene 1.1 (pages 2-80)


Henrietta (Henri) - 60 something

Thirty years on, Henri has lost none of her confidence or outspoken nature. She and Harry have married and have a daughter. With Henri apparently in charge, she and Harry are ridiculously happy until the seriousness of her medical condition begins to undermine her view of herself and her relationships. 

The second half of the play chronicles Henri's physical and mental decline. The actor will play a significant number of scenes propped up in a hospital bed. 


Audition requirements: Scene 2.3 Pages 35-40


Cassie - 25 years old

On the surface, Cassie is a self-absorbed and materialistic young person for whom her mother's illness is a minor inconvenience. There are opportunities for playing the comedic side of Cassie, however, the actor will need to be able to show a deeper and more interesting side of her character including an emerging maturity and strength.

This role could be doubled with Young Henrietta. If you would like to be considered for both roles, please book two audition spots. 


Audition requirements: Scene 2.2 (pages 30 - 31) and Scene 2.11 (pages 71 - 73)


Young Harry - 30 something

The young Harry is quiet, intellectually sharp but no match for the bold and outspoken Henrietta. He is married, but not in love with his wife of six years. He feels responsible for his wife and is conflicted by his developing passion for Henrietta. Harry has a quiet inner strength.

As an amateur musician, Harry is seen trying to compose a song for his new love. The ability to strum three chords on a guitar would be an added advantage but is not essential. 

This role could be doubled with Justin. If you would like to be considered for both roles, please book two audition spots. 


Audition requirements: Scene 1.3 (pages 8 - 12)


Harry - 60 something

Harry retains his quiet and stoic character. Over time he has given away much to pursue his passion for Henri. He has left his wife and ceased to practice his faith. He cares deeply about his family and manages the conflict between his wife and daughter. he is devoted to Henri and wants to protect her from the world. 

Harry carries the final dramatic moments of the play in which the audience should be convinced that he is about to end his wife's suffering by killing her. It is a particularly poignant moment and will call for particular conviction from the actor. 


Audition requirements: Scene 2.4 (pages 40 - 43) and Scene 2.1 (pages 25 - 29)


Justin - late thirties 

Justin is Henrietta's son from her first marriage. He is a member of the Parliament of Victoria and working on a second Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. He has many of the characteristics of a modern politician. He has a smooth talking, easy way with people but one is never quite sure of the depth of his sincerity. 

This role could be doubled with Young Harry. If you would like to be considered for both roles, please book two audition spots.


Audition requirements: Scene 2.7 (pages 50 -51) and Scene 2.7 (pages 52 -57)


Copy of the script is available at


Accents - All characters are English (though Justin has been living in Austalia). However, accents are not specified. Any clear, neutral accent will be acceptable. 


Key dates

The first rehearsal will be Wednesday 12 June.

Rehearsals will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays.
Performance season is from 16 - 31 August.

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