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Live, Love, Date & Relate like a Queen

Be the Queen supports ‘everywoman’ to realize her best self as a woman of high worth by getting real about who she is & owning that & creating her life & relationships from this deeper place of truth. 

Founded by Michele Peppler, aka The Barefoot Queen, BTQ provides private & shared coaching programs & events focusing on 5 key pillars to support you on your journey to become Queen of your own life:

1/ BE THE QUEEN: Own your worth as a high-value woman
Owning your worth, harnessing your power as a woman & living your truth

2/ CREATING YOUR QUEENDOM – How to live a meaningful soul-driven life
Create a meaningful life aligned with your soul-ideals

3/ CALLING IN YOUR PEOPLE: How to deliberately create your tribe
Calling in your soul-family, like-minded friends & soul-aligned community)

Attracting Your King (Life-partner) 

5/ LEADING WITH LOVE: Sharing your gifts through heart-centred projects
Sharing your gifts & making a difference for the people in your world through heart-centred projects or soul-driven business


A Woman who is QUEEN..

* Creates her Queendom from scratch drawing from her inner knowing she is a Queen even when mistreated or not recognised;

* Is High Worth & has learned to love herself in such a way that she seldom forgets, 

* Is connected to – and knows how to harness her feminine power:

* Walks her true path with courage, even when sometimes her voices shake & she doubts herself as Queen

* Calls in her people, who chose & revere her as their Queen (special in their eyes)

* Calls in the constructive, productive, protective masculine to support her quest.

* Takes a KING worthy of her, who cherishes & adores her as his Queen. Both King & Queen in their own right, when they come together with shared values & vision they co-create incredible things.* Supports other women in their quest for Queendom and helps to fix her crown should it ever fall.

* Listens to wise counsel (she knows she can't do this all alone), then makes her own decisions & stands by them

* Leads with love; Stands FOR humanity & serves her people;

* Walks WITH her people whilst leading them in her own way, sharing her gifts in a way that benefits & supports them. 

For more info or private coaching visit or email:

To your Queendom,

Michele xx

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