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Baby Massage Perth

Baby Massage Perth is Perth's leading Baby Massage Company.

The ancient art of baby massage is slowing becoming in-vouge to the modern parent and becoming a part of daily life for families with life changing results.

Massage goes back to ancient times and Parents are now discovering how the correct taught massage techniques can help their child against the most common issues babies, infants come across in the first few years of parenting.

Benefits of massage result in babies sleeping longer, settling, cry less, better immunity, less wind, reflux, constipation, colic, better muscle tone, bonding plus so much more.

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Come and 'Discover the magic of Infant Massage with Baby Massage Perth'.

Baby Massage Perth also offers a range of wellness classes to support Mums to be right the way through to schooling years of PreNatal Pregnancy Yoga, Natural Birthing Workshops, Meditation with Bubs, Mums and Bubs Yoga and Mums and Bubs on the Move Yoga.  These classes are taught by fully qualified Yoga Teacher with over 10 years Mums and Bubs Yoga experience.


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