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Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness

We are an educational institute devoted to mindfulness training, and professional certification in Applied Mindfulness.  We offer a range of seminars, courses and retreats for you to learn both traditional mindfulness and its' applications in contemporary life.

  1. You can attend an individual course or retreat as a stand alone, OR
  2. You can register for one of the certification programs.

Our core program is the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification.  It offers you an exciting and enlightening way to become more mindful in your own life, and in your practice when working with and teaching your clients, and in your leadership. While most people show interest in the full International Certification, this dynamic program offers you three levels of certification to suit your needs:Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and International Trainer.

The levels of certification are designed to facilitate a layered approach, to support you to build on a foundation and integrate your learning, both deepening your experience and understanding traditional mindfulness skills and philosophy, and broadening the contexts in which you apply and teach mindfulness.

Informed by global research and practice in mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology, clinical practice, functional medicine and leadership theory, the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification is designed with study modules specific to health professionals, educators, leaders and managers. 

When you register for a certification program, you are automatically registered for the courses or retreats relevant to that level, plus complimentary bonuses to help ensure you have the best opportunity to develop your professional expertise.  These include: master classes, mentoring, supervision, and study modules. You will also be automatically registered to receive the occasional email from us. These emails will include information and articles about mindfulness and upcoming courses and events.


Liana Taylor
Clinical Psychologist | International Speaker and Trainer | Director

Liana Taylor has spent a lifetime seeking ways to cultivate compassion, wisdom, and the joy of life - for herself, and for those she works with and teaches.

Liana has over 20 years experience in private practice in Clinical Psychology, relationship counselling and leadership coaching. She also has post-graduate qualifications in Executive Coaching, Narrative Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Wilderness Adventure Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and Anthroposophic Health and Healing. Liana has retreated with, taken teachings from, trained or taught with the world leaders in both the Buddhist tradition, and psychotherapeutic mindfulness traditions including the creators of MBCT, MBSR and ACT.

After learning Transcendental meditation at 19 years old, Liana explored several different meditation traditions, attended dozens of retreats, started three meditation communities, and taught part time at a Buddhist Centre before founding the Mindfulness Centre in 2006. Her dual passions are enhancing health and mental health, and cultivating wisdom in leaders:  - her keynote at the First International Mindfulness Conference in Rome in 2013

The culmination of her work, led to the founding of the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness and its core training, the International Trainer of Applied Mindfulness Certification. Her great passion is in developing professionals and leaders who are informed, mindful and inspired.


Mindfulness Centre credit

After a decade of offering mindfulness training, Liana is really excited to let you know that all the courses that she has taught through the Mindfulness Centre over the last decade have been transferred to the much anticipated Institute. If you have completed relevant mindfulness training with Mindfulness Centre over the last decade you will be eligible for credit :) Give us a call.


Please read our Terms and Conditions when registering for any event.


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