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Australian Academy of Liturgy

The Australian Academy of Liturgy is an ecumenical gathering of people dedicated to the study and understanding of how Christians worship in Australia and our global neighbourhood. We are a national body, with chapters in each state.

The Academy includes scholars, teachers, clergy, musicians, religious, theological students, and people who want to reflect critically about the connection between worship and mission. Membership of the Academy is open to theological students who would like to engage more deeply with liturgical studies. The Academy offers an essay prize, which is intended to support a student's attendance at a conference in the field of liturgical scholarship.

The Academy publishes the Australian Journal of Liturgy, which offers a wide range of articles reflecting on worship practices in a variety of settings and traditions. Many articles are peer-reviewed, and reflect the most recent scholarship in liturgical studies in Australia and beyond. The Academy holds a biennial conference, of which the next is to be held in Melbourne (Vic) in January 2021.

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