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Aurora Retreats

Aurora Retreats, the dawn of a better you. 


Give yourself the opportunity to experience the best of you by making time to recharge, to grow and to nurture your body and mind. With fresh energy, a fit body and a strong mind you will seek out more opportunities to excel, you will feel confident and happy within yourself and you will produce better results in all areas of your life than ever before. 


At the core of Aurora Retreats is your well being. Your body is your vehicle for travelling through life and your heart and your mind are the compass. When you look after your wellbeing you can see, feel and do more for yourself and for others.


Aurora Retreats offers experiences in health and fitness, in de-stressing and in building strong relationships both with yourself and with others.



Our retreats are three days in length, from Friday to Sunday and are hosted in the beautiful south west pocket of WA. 




Each retreat is uniquely designed to give you an amazing experience while you are with us at the retreat as well as allowing you to establish positive habits once you return home. These retreats are designed to shift your thinking and provide a opportunity to learn something about yourself that will then produce positive changes to your behaviour in your daily life.  




This is not the kind of holiday that you need time to recover from. You will leave Aurora Retreats feeling energised and inspired, ready to take on the world.


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