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ArtSHINE industries

ArtSHINE industries

Australia’s independent Creative Industries Enterprise Acceleration Platform + Launch Pad identifying, advancing, and funding commercially minded and innovative Creative Industries Professionals who focus on art, craft, artisanal making, design, fashion, entertainment, photography, music, writing, film & television, digital technology, and games & interactive content.


Launch Pad + Accelerator

ArtSHINE is constantly seeking to work with commercially minded artists, designers, and innovative Creative Industries Professionals and the Impact Investors who are ready to support them.


ArtSHINE galleries, spaces, and pop ups

ArtSHINE is building a viable commercial future for artists, designers, and all Creative Industries Professionals by securing under utilised pop up, short-term & long-term spaces, and alternative venues to facilitate engaging events and exhibitions showcasing creative practices and creative works.


ArtSHINE licensing and commercial ready

As a licensing agency, ArtSHINE represents a select group of licensors; artists, designers, artisans, crafters, illustrators, game producers, who are ready to commercialise their IP through licensing arrangements across a range of brand categories.