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Arts in the Valley

Since 2007, Arts in the Valley has brought some of the finest musicians, artists and writers in Australia to Kangaroo Valley for our concerts and festivals.

Many thousands of visitors have attended these concerts and in the course of the festival have visited Sculpture in the Valley, which has grown to be a significant show of sculpture with an excellent sales record.

Part of the charm of the valley lies in its location and many of the concerts have been held in private houses offering an intimate scale for music making. Sculpture in the Vlalley has also been held in a variety of private houses generously loaned for the occasion, often with views across the valley.

Kangaroo Valley Arts Festival Inc. is a not for profit association which applies its endeavours and funds towards achieving the following objectives:

  1. Promote classical and fine contemporary music to Kangaroo Valley that is of a high quality including live performances, recorded performances and other available media, and thereby encourage the appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of such music amongst the local community and visitors.

  2. Foster and promote local talent by the commissioning the writing of musical works for performance or recording.

  3. Showcase the talents of visual artists in Kangaroo Valley and to promote artists through the commissioning of visual artistic works.

  4. Organise, foster, promote, and present in Kangaroo Valley or elsewhere performances, exhibitions, and festivals of classical and other music and of the visual and performing arts.

  5. Provide a focus for community involvement and for social interaction.

  6. Attract visitors to Kangaroo Valley.

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