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There is an Art and Science of living well.

Our vision is for Australian elders and their families to have support in achieving a life that is meaningful, socially connected, creative and dignified. We look to a future where the quality of life for our elders in care will become a measure of our success as a society. The Arts Health Institute is an agent of systemic change for this stage of life: improving the health, happiness and outlook for our grandparents, our parents and eventually, for ourselves. By engaging elders in arts-based programs, the Arts Health Institute creates an environment that supports dignity, self-expression, creative occupation, collaboration and social connectedness.  Arts Health Institute artists and researchers are specialist practitioners and academics working across residential, community, home and hospital environments. 

Our job is to listen, engage, facilitate and share the stories and creativity of our elders through music, dance, creative writing, visual arts and theatre. We gather data and communicate the evidence that will improve quality of life for elders throughout the aged care sector.

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