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Ann Lopez-Boyd

With 10 years management experience in the not-for-profit world, I took a leap in late 2016 to start building on my passions. I didn't quite know what that looked like, but I knew I was looking for deeper soul connections and wanted to be a part of supporting and inspiring women and empowering us all to tune in to our highest potential - myself included!


As Mum to a beautiful toddler, balance is extremely important and creating a life where work fits around my family was top priority. So many questions, what was I looking for, what did our family unit and day to day life look and feel like in my mind and heart? These are questions that I still visit regularly...


When I fell pregnant with my son, so many things started to shift for me. We wanted the best for our bubba and like many parents started to research so many things around the products we used at home for cleaning and personal use to lots about energy and so much in between. 


I discovered doTerra essential oils early 2017 and also studied (and now offer) Reiki  - having both of these elements in our family life has been a game changer! As I've developed along my path in life I've brought so many things I loved (even with limited understanding of their power!) back into my life on a regular basis, daily where possible. These include crystals, affirmations, meditations and the power of gratitude. And I'm strapped in and open to this continual learning ride!


A good friend has told me that she always feels the love when she visits. I have been told that I am a ‘feeder’, always offering something that I have made and making sure that everyone is comfortable. I also feel this when it comes to knowledge, life and lessons. I want to chat, listen, share, empower, inspire and ‘feed’ all the golden nuggets that have crossed my path. 


When we find our tribe, support others, allow ourselves to be supported - imagine all the things that are possible!


Love Thy Journey - a Mama sharing life's journey xo

Instagram: lovethyjourney


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