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Anick Patry

So what's different about me
In my pursuit to discover the meaning of life, I have spent well over 12 years traveling around the globe, living in 3 different continents, faced some major challenges and nearly died at sea. I've also been studying the field of self-empowerment with some of the best teachers in the world. Having suffered from abuse by a mentally sick mother, I suffered of depression, anxiety, had a speech impediment and I had a very poor self-esteem. I even tried to commit suicide at 14 years old. 

I am now an inspirational speaker, coach and voice healer. I have been a media personality for 7 years. I am the founder of Spiral Dance (7 steps to expand your consciousness through movement) and I have been teaching, inspiring, uplifting and touching people’s hearts and souls for a decade. My passion for life is contagious and I am dedicated to supporting you on your journey - because you truly matter

My raw honesty and my high energy will take your breath away and I have an admirable gift to transmit my joie-de-vivre championing you, my wisdom and my love will stir the depths of your soul and enable you to tap into your natural talents, your JOY and your magnificence. 

I teach, energise and move the audience with my message of empowerment and my ability to deliver my unique and captivating stories... 

Through my programs, I ignite the desire in you to want to live your life with more love, more JOY & more authenticity and I give you the tools to do it. 

I am a charismatic speaker, a supportive coach and an inspirational teacher with an extraordinary story and a remarkable ability to touch your hearts and souls.

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