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Angels n Beyond: Conversations with Tracey

Internationally renowned Psychic Medium, Tracey Farrelly, has worked on Psychic TV, has partnered with The High Tea Party (Sydney) to provide one on one readings. Tracey is a published author. Some of her works include:


  • Journey of an Empath (Release Date - March 2018)
  • More than a Mum (Release Date - Early 2018)
  • One Page Wisdom (Released 2009)


In addition, Tracey is currently involved in the making of the inspirational movie

The Difference” with a worldwide release in 2018.







Tracey gives a psychic reading by connecting with your energy, spirit guides & angels - sitting opposite you across a table she connects by holding your hands. Tracey’s psychic gifts include Mediumship (where she sees and hears spirits who have passed over), Clairvoyance (where she clearly sees visions), Clairaudience (where she clearly hears spirit), and Clairsentience (where she clearly feels their presence). 


Tracey is a compassionate and confidential person you can feel safe to come to for a private reading. Loved ones around a client may bring through information (past, present and future) OR come to visit and give confirmation to the client to let them know they are still around them.   A simple way of describing what Tracey sees is that she sees images as if on a TV screen and spirit guides tell Tracey information that she then passes onto the client.

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