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Angela Sorpreso - Design Specialist

Did you know that the left side of your brain is the analytical side and the right side of the brain represents FUN,PASSION,PEACE AND THE CREATIVE SIDE. 

That is why I am drawn to Albert Einstein, who used both sides of his brain.
His first time job was a pattern clerk in Switzerland, not only was his known for his important work as a physicist but his quirky personality and fame made him a cultural icon. One of his famous sayings I love is - 

Hi  my name is Angela Sorpreso, and I started in the corporate investment world, until I decided to go back to study Studio Arts.  I am extremely lucky that my passion is artistic, full of colour and fun.
A few years later my business Bella Artista designs which means beautiful artist in Italian was born.
We create custom made tactile (3D) designs. They bring the ‘WOW’ factor into your interior or exterior space bringing feature walls to life.

 I extended my passion by combining my love of design and art and launching ‘Belart Creative workshops’. I offer my knowledge by demonstrating many design methods and work together with likeminded facilitators to bring harmony, inspiration & fun into the workshops

Our products are all made from polyurethane resins which are of solid material,

Our art immediately enhances the aesthetic of any environment it is placed in, whether that space is small or large, residential or commercial

 We are known for our wall art being-
different, intriguing and an alternative to traditional wall prints and paintings. 

Sign up to our news and if you feel like being creative and inspired, join us at one of our workshops and our gift to you is 20% off your first workshop.
We will ‘Unleash the creative and artistic person within you
Ciao and have a lovely day.


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