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Anahata Yoga Space - Natalie Almond

Being a very new culture to this country we practice very little or no ceremony, leaving us a little depleted and disconnected.  The traditional Aboriginal culture's life was based on ceremony for their survival; they are totally connected with earth mother, sky father and everything in-between. Understanding that we are all one universal life force, that we are effected by the planets, moons etc.  It is essential that we stay connected and draw energy from these sources to connect, heal, transform and release our feelings such as grief and sadness after death of a loved one.

Natalie has a passion for ritual and ceremony and loves to share this with others.  Being very ruled by the moon in her chart, she loves to place a lot of her focus here.  Natalie creates a safe space enabling people to open and release without being too confrontational.  The meditations she leads are channelled through the guidance of spirit and all attending the ceremony.

Natalie Almond is the founder of Anahata Yoga Space, teaching Alchemic Yoga and Hatha Yoga, with 27 years experience in yoga and it's science you will definitely be in for a transformative experience. You will understand the works of yoga and utilise it to re-empower, create change and heal through the therapeutic benefits of yoga. She first started yoga for the need to heal herself, which she did successfully, read her healing story below.

Natalie's classes are gentle yet strong, working with fluidity, core muscles, asana, pranayama, bhandas, meditation and visualisation.  Incorporating: internal alchemy, traditional hatha style, a touch of chi Kung movements, and flowing postures.  Explaining benefits through postures and the effects physically, emotionally and mentally, helpful to yoga teachers or people just interested in the WHY of yoga.Posture correction plays an important role as this allows energy to flow evenly through the pranic channels. 
With her keen eye and intuition she fulfils the needs of all students.



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