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My vision has always been a world where people embrace self care, empowerment, self acceptance, growth and pure worthiness and value in who they are.


It is a world where people are authentically themselves, thrive through personal growth and can live a completely expansive life - whatever that looks like for them!


I have been a Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner for many years and prior to that I have also been obese, facing homelessness, abused and completely lacking self esteem and self worth. 


I currently work with groups of individuals and also business employees, to run training in many different spheres, but all ultimately aimed at supporting people to embrace their authenticity, live their best life from a space of empowerment, and be the best that they can be.


I bring to this many years of experience as a Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Consultant across corporate and NGO sectors. 


To all of my workshops I bring my love of essential oils to share, which to me are a luxurious support in health, wellness, spirituality, self care, body love, personal growth and emotional support.

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