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Amrata Bhakti Yoga Eco Community

Your organisers follow the path of Amratan bhakti-yoga based on an indoceltic transitional science. 


  • Mantra meditation, or chanting. The chanting is done either individually on beads (japa) or in community by chanting mantras accompanied by music (kirtan).
  • Dance and Expression
  • Creative Art
  • Environmental project work on land and marine coastal areas
  • Gardening and sustainable farming
  • The study of chosen written texts and poetry
  • Associating with like-minded spiritual aspirants
  • Eating considered prasadam vegetarian food

and living in a way that upholds the principles of truthfulness, mercy, austerity, and cleanliness.


These  are all core practices for a life of a follower of Amrata Bhakti- Yoga.

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