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Amanda Kate - Womens Empowerment Coach

We go through so many transformations along our journey through life. HUGE evolutionary events that shape who we are, our values and beliefs and how we perceive the world.

But how often do we take the time to nurture ourselves through these character building, life changing events and step into the new version of ourselves with 100% ownership and confidence?

Tuning in takes courage. Owning who you are and stepping into that woman takes courage. Its my job to help you feel into the RAW you, to embrace, accept and own the SHIT out of who you are NOW. Only then can we evolve into the woman we want to be.


I have been facilitating women as they journey to their OWN place of self acceptance from their physical body for over 12 years. I started in the beauty industry, helping women escape from their world to a place where they felt beautiful, nurtured and accepted, to a personal trainer and coach, guiding women through nourishing their bodies with movement and nutrition in a bid to “change” their bodies in order to “feel better”

In those early days, something was missing. No matter the result I was helping women achieve, 25kg lighter, lean and strong bodies, fitter, healthier... the internal dialogue of “I am beautiful, I am enough, I am AMAZING” was still non existent. The way I coached my clients changed 5 years ago and I am so glad I made the connection.... now a NLP, timeline therapist and new Mum, I help women change that internal dialogue.

My philosophy encourages women to get to know themselves again. To listen inward. To speak authentically from their heart without fear. To nurture, accept and own their bodies as they are and as they change. It all starts within. We are expected to carry on, pick yourself up and dust yourself off , get over the fear, through some huge events through life.... becoming a MUM being a big one.

MY MISSION and my SOUL PURPOSE is to help women reconnect. To TUNE IN to their true, authentic selves and nurture themselves to reveal an aligned, confident, intuitive, resilient and empowered woman. Breaking away from what they think they “should” do, who they think they “should” be, how they are “supposed” to act, speak and behave and tap into their endless source of authentic, unique self from within.

Tuning in takes courage. Owning who you are and stepping into that woman takes courage. Its my job to help women feel 100% them.

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