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Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres

Welcome to Canberra’s creative heart. Our twin arts centres, Ainslie and Gorman, are located only 400 metres apart from each other in Braddon, and host the national capital’s largest collective of professional artists and arts companies. 

Gorman Arts Centre is where new ideas, new works, and new artists are made and where they rub shoulders with audiences and each other in a bustling, multi-arts environment. At Gorman, we support creative development and excellence across all art forms – dance, visual arts, theatre, literature and more – and we encourage critical debate about the arts and their power to change the world.

At Ainslie Arts Centre, we dedicate everything to music. Through education, rehearsals, and public performances, our music hub unites music-makers and music-lovers in an expansive and exciting program. Diversity and inclusiveness are key, with a strong emphasis on youth and on community music programs.

Ainslie and Gorman offer rich opportunities to create, present and enjoy art, to network and collaborate, to teach and learn, and to foster critical discussion and the meeting of creative minds. 

We invite you to discover our arts centres and the work of our talented residents. You’ll be entertained and enriched by the spirit of a genuinely creative precinct where art comes first, and where passionate and enquiring people devote their life and work to turning visions into reality.

Our centres are also ideal places to host a meeting or event or simply to escape the city in the city. Savour a meal at one of Australia’s finest restaurants, Sage Dining Rooms, unwind in the Mint Garden Bar, or relax in our tranquil heritage gardens.

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