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African Professionals Australia - Sydney

The African Professionals of Australia (APA) is one of the largest African organisations in Australia with a current membership of over 500. Founded in 2007, APA now includes members from more than 20 African countries including Ghana, Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Somali, South Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria Mauritania, Gambia, Seychelles, Chad and Sudan.

APA’s membership is represented by 15 different professions including Accountants, Medical doctors, Nurses, Human Resource Managers, IT, Engineers, Geologists, Business Development Managers, Lawyers, Teachers, Welfare officers, Community workers and Scientists.

The African Professionals of Australia (APA) is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to empower professionals of African origin to reach their full potential in their respective professions. This includes providing a platform to pursue and achieve continued professional relevance and impact to the Australian community at large. APA is governed by the Australian Corporations Act 2001, owned and managed by its members. As a community body, APA has resolved to strategically employ the power of creativity, teamwork and the diversity of its membership and ethnic background to drive the organisation’s vision and achieve its set out-goals. The organisation is dedicated to the personal and professional success of African-Australian professionals and has in place several programs and initiatives aimed towards maximum utilisation of available resources to achieve its intended objectives. APA offers its members leadership training, professional development, mentoring opportunities, career placement services and more.

The organisation has active chapters throughout Australia, with each chapter governed and operated by an active and dedicated unpaid executive board of professionals. APA was formed based on the principle of wisdom sharing amongst its members so that they can become wiser and be a positive role model for the young and upcoming Africans professionals. APA believes that success is neither magical nor mysterious but that it is the “natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals”.

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