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Affinity Intercultural Foundation

Affinity Intercultural Foundation is a non-profit and non-government organisation with a mission to create and sustain enduring friendships and cultural exchanges between people of all backgrounds through quality dialogue. We fulfil our mission by incorporating our core principles of sincerity, service, consultation, integrity, interdependence, positive action, and balance into everything that we do, including organising public lectures, annual Ramadan dinners, and other cultural events that bring together different groups of society. In response to Covid-19, Affinity held fortnightly online webinar episodes with distinguished organisations and institutions, to continue sustaining friendships and cultural exchanges through practising and promoting universal human values. In the year 2020 Affinity arranged 50 webinars, gained over 31,500 views, and reached over 171,500 people, partnered with 23 distinguished institutions, and hosted 175 prominent speakers nation-wide.

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