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ADHD Support Australia

ADHD Support Australia (formerly Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group)
has been supporting those with ADHD and holding monthly expert speaker events
on Sydney’s Northern Beaches since 2013.


Providing Knowledge

We offer expert speakers who encourage the development of core strategies to maximize everyday life skills for enhanced long-term outcomes such as time management, social skills, homework/study skills, parenting strategies and more.

In addition, our speakers allow you to explore a variety of holistic modalities such as improving gut health, minimizing toxins, balancing nutritional deficiencies, adjusting structural imbalances, identifying food sensitivities, improving mitochondrial function
or learning about your unique genetic makeup.


We pride ourselves in discovering the most innovative experts in the ADHD field with cutting-edge knowledge in the latest areas of ADHD research, psychological & behavioural therapy,
the micro biome, epigenetics, environmental medicine & nutrition.


A Supportive Community


You will also gain support and encouragement from others 

in an informal and nurturing atmosphere.


Your journey is unique, but it’s so reassuring to know you’re not alone
when you experience the challenges of ADHD within your family.


Simply sharing experiences with others who understand is vital for your wellbeing
and often results in new ideas, tips, solutions or coping strategies.


So, whether you’re a parent/carer of a child or teenager with ADHD,
a teenager or adult with ADHD, someone who works with people with ADHD,
or you just have a general interest in a particular speaker - please join us!   


As well as the monthly speaker evenings, a variety of other ADHD events
are run throughout the year to support you:

* Termly Face-to-face Parenting Children with ADHD 6-week course

* On-line Parenting Children with ADHD 6-week course



* ADHD Online Book Discussion Group


* Plus look out for additional events such as:


   * Relax Recharge Refresh self-care afternoon

   * Parent meet-ups or

   * Social Evenings 


Our website has a calendar of events where you can book direct, provides you with further information on ADHD and expert articles and includes an online directory of ADHD professionals, services & resources to help make your life a little bit easier! 

or contact


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speaker events straight to your inbox whether you attend or not.

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