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Karina Bruce – Co-founder of Adevee Fashion, couldn’t be more committed and passionate about fashion if she tried.  A curvy model for 25 years, Karina found it hard to locate and track down well made plus size clothes. When she did find them in shopping centres frustration grew when there was little more than 5% to be found. 9 times out of 10, Karina would walk away empty handed and beating herself up for not being a ‘perfect’ size 8. She woke one day and thought this is BS, I’m not treating myself like this anymore. I know the designers are out there and I’m bringing them together under one roof, hence Adevee was born. To celebrate Adevee will hold runway events for ladies to get together, have a great day, see the latest in fashion and not feel threatened by any form of norm. We are all beautiful and worthy of great fashion

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