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Adelaide Retreats with Welcome to Wellness

Adelaide Retreats provide an opportunity for you to step out of the busyness of your life for just one day and experience the restorative power of slowing down.

The Rest and Restore Retreat is about women joining together to celebrate, connect, learn, laugh and play. This one day retreat provides the opportunity to slow down, prioritise yourself, nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit and reflect on what’s really important to you. The retreat is based on 5 ancient Healing Salves –

  • silence,
  • nature,
  • movement,
  • music and
  • story-telling.

These activities are weaved throughout the day, allowing you to connect with yourself on a deep physical, mental and emotional level.


 Adelaide Retreats Sophia Centre
About the Facilitator - Mandy Price
Bachelor of Education, Masters of Counselling, Civil Celebrant and Massage Therapist.

Mandy has been an educator in the area of Health and Personal Development for 30 years and a counsellor for 10 years.  She has undertaken study in the areas of Health and Healing, Personal Development, Nutrition, Positive Psychology, Spirituality, Goddess, Reiki, Massage, NLP, Transpersonal Counselling.

Mandy Price Welcome to Wellness

"I see many women whose lives are incredibly busy with numerous demands on their time and energy. They experience Rushing Woman’s Syndrome and are at risk of Adrenal Burnout.

Just one day in retreat can be an effective way to learn about and experience strategies to cope with these demands.  Without time for restoration, our stressful lives can contribute to poor physical and mental health.

I provide opportunities for women to remember their true worth, and to prioritise their health in order to bring balance, calm, joy and laughter into their lives,"
Mandy Price.

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