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It is so wonderful to have you here! 

I'm Mei Ling, the founder of A DROP CLOSER TO EARTH, a teacher, an AromaTouch therapist, an international natural solution speaker, and mother of two happy cheeky boys. My passion is in living the natural, healthy and happy lifestyle by transforming not only my family but every life I have touched to do the same. 

I get a lot of satisfaction when people share their stories with me of how natural health alternatives have increased their immunity, vitality, soothed their aches or pains, improved their mood, sleep, skin, or just to provide comforting emotional support. The stories continue endlessly and I am blessed to hear about them everyday.

Every event I host come from my heart straight to you.

My mission is to educate people about the harmful effects of what they are putting into their bodies, minds and spirits and how we are able to make positive changes with natural, safer, healthier remedies.

Read what other people say about me and my events

Suzie Fullerton- Brisbane 

My friend, Mei- Ling introduced me to dōTERRA oils when we were struggling with regular and persistent viruses. Since then I have learnt much from Mei; her passion to help others and to share her knowledge is inspiring.

Celeste Dall- Brisbane

Mei- You are a special gift to everyone you meet. And that’s from their mouths, not just mine. Thank you for sharing yourself with my family ❤️

Donna Dally- New Zealand
I was very privelleged to have the lovely Mei Ling visit my home in Aotearoa and conduct some workshops on my behalf mostly for those nearest and dearest to me, my relatives..
They were totally impressed with the power of the essential oils, not to mention Mei Lings incredible knowledge of them and were happy to incorporate these in their lives.
An added bonus though was the care and love projected by Mei Ling towards everyone that met her .Maori are very affectionate in showing their Aroha (love) towards others but they recognized in her a genuine care in wanting to help them and that she was not there just to sell a product and they responded in like.


Kira Perry- Brisbane

Such an interesting and enjoyable workshop. I came away feeling so empowered. I would highly recommend it to anyone and would love to join in for the one in March!


Sachiko Tsunoda- Brisbane

Thank you Mei Ling Huang
for cleaning workshop  ( in 2017 ) 
it was a inspiring class ! I love cleaning 
so learning how to make your own DIY cleaning products was such a fun time 

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