70 Trainings


70 Trainings is a group of pioneers from highly developed innovative organizations working on national and international levels, who like to deliver their abilities and skills. Our trainers and speaker contribute new thoughts and procedures and convey remarkable results for organizations and professionals to enhance your skills and knowledge. We are altering the way business organizations do to allow well-working lives for everyone.

Our Job

We are providing a wide range of technical and management courses and trainings of premium level in the field of Information Security, Occupational Health and Safety, Cleaner Production, Environmental Management, Resource Efficiency, Information Technology, Project Management, and numerous other professional courses.

Our Experts

70 Trainings have a group of professional trainers who acquired industry experience, technical knowledge and know how to create an engaging topic that will make an unforgettable and valued learning experience. If you would like to conduct a 70 Trainings workshop then we only choose the top industry trainers and mentors to guide each topic diligently.

Our Corporate Training

We offer both onsite and in-house training facilities and our devoted staff work nonstop to deliver in-house training to clients from industry and academia who want to acquire latest knowledge and skills in a convenient and comfortable the working environment.