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7 Colored Doors Club

David BayneDavid Bayne is the Senior Coach, Presenter and CEO of the 7 Colored Doors Club 

David has been a business coach for 15 years and a business entrepreneur for over 30 years. As an entrepreneur he has had over a dozen of his own businesses in a variety of different fields and genres.  

Over the past 15 years David’s purpose has grown from helping small business owners to financial freedom through business re-education to helping business coaches learn the fundamentals of business through his "7 Colored Doors" platform.  

Utilizing the knowledge and years of hands on experience David has spent the last 5 years building an online coaching platform called the "7 colored doors of business” so that all business owners can have access to this amazing education platform and his knowledge. 

He has also spent time working one on one with a select group of business clients and has found himself travelling around the globe to places such as France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia running workshops and training programs for small business owners to corporate companies.

Over a 30 year period David has:

1.       Started up over a dozen of his own businesses
2.       Purchased and sold over 25 investment properties
3.       Coached 100's of businesses 1 on 1 and spoken to thousands across the globe
4.      Been mentored and worked for some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs from around the world
5.      Has 5 children he adores
6.      Has a purpose to help every startup and small business owner to become financially free

His purpose is for everyone to be debt free and financially successful so people can truly live life and enjoy its full benefits!

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