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Allan G Ezzy Community Centre

1 Newport Street

Pemulwuy, NSW 2145


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Program Details:

Program Name:


Cost Per Term:

$ 70.00 per term



Dates: 2 May - 4 July


7.30 pm - 8.30 pm


1 hour

Program Category:

Health and Fitness

Program Description:

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in the program are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain everything from jazz to African beats to country to hip-hop and pop. Since its inception in the mid-'90s by creator Alberto "Beto" Perez, the Zumba program reaches 10 million people in more than 90,000 locations across more than 110 countries.

Zumba is truly for anyone who can stand up and dance. And "dance" is a very liberal term here, as no dance experience or skills are necessary. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome and encouraged to attend classes. If you can shake your booty and like fun music, this class is for you.

Most Zumba classes are an hour long. They begin with a dynamic warm-up and end with a cool down and some static stretching. The workout portion is broken down by song, each with a different dance routine. While many of the dance moves instructors use are pre-choreographed by Zumba, instructors often add their own flair, dance steps or even create an entirely new routine to their favourite songs. Common moves in class are mambas, V-steps with exaggerated hips, cha-cha-chas and side touches. Unlike other aerobics classes, where you learn a move and then add on more moves to create a routine, Zumba uses different parts of the song, such as the chorus or a particular phrase or sound in the song, as the basis of its choreography.


Late registrants will pay for a full term and make missed up missed sessions by attending alternative sessions within the lifelong learning program, within that term. Attendances cannot be accumulated, carried forward or 'banked' for later use.

A pro rata rate for the remainder of the term can be issued in certain cases at the discretion of Council staff.

Terms cannot be shortened and discounted further to factor in non-attendances dates. It remains the responsibility of the participant to ensure they undertake all sessions. Forgotten or missed sessions will not be brought forward into the next terms' enrolment.

Please observe the scenario below:

Mary registers and pays for a 10-week term of Zumba. Mary has been on holidays and returns to start in the 3rd week of a 10-week term. Meaning, Mary has missed 2 sessions of a total of 10. Mary will, therefore, attend the remaining 8 sessions of Zumba, but in addition, will participate in an additional 2 sessions of another program of her choosing during a different time slot and/or location to make up the total of 10 sessions.

Mary can do this at another location across the LGA or even in a different program area like Yoga or Pilates. Mary has emailed the Centre staff or Lifelong Learning Officer to confirm which make up sessions she will attend before doing so; Council staff have informed the facilitator ahead of time.


  • Casual sessions and 'pay as you go' are not available;
  • Staff will most likely not be onsite at the time of the program to take your payment. Therefore, this needs to happen before participation;
  • Some of Council’s community Centres are staffed during business hours. Please use Council’s Eventbrite pages for all registrations and payments;

Exclusion Dates:


Dates that the program will not run within the above timeframe

Number of Sessions:

10 Sessions

Most programs run to the school term format, pausing during school holiday periods.

The quantity of sessions within a term will fluctuate from term to term. A term will usually include between 9 - 11 sessions.


This may be subject to change - it should be expected that casual facilitators will cover for primary facilitators from time to time

General Restrictions / Requirements:

Participants do so at their own risk and based on an assessment of their own health and wellbeing


Is this program appropriate for people of all abilities


Age Requirements:

Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Gender Restrictions:


Contact for Program:

Please contact Centre staff on:

Phone: 9735 1306

Email: veda.potluri@cumberland.nsw.gov.au

Relevant Websites:


Notes / Relevant Information:


Resources / Equipment:

As a general rule, please bring the following equipment with you to all fitness based programs:

  • Please wear appropriate, non-restrictive clothing
  • Enclosed shoes - preferably runners with quality support
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Pilates/Yoga Mat
  • Medications e.g. Ventolin

Trial Sessions:

Unsure if this program is for you?

For free programs:

Come along and try, if you want to patriate ongoing, return to this page and register your details.

For paid programs:

All new participants are entitled to trail a paid program before purchasing a full term. After your first session you may then pay for the full term should you wish to enrol. This does not equate to a ‘free’ session; this is a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity. If you sample a program and wish to enrol, you must pay for the full term, including the initial trial session.

Frequently Asked Questions

To Plan Your Trip:

Call the Transport Info-Line on 131 500 or visit http://www.transportnsw.info/

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

The name on the attendance ticket (the name given with purchase) must match that of the attendee participating. For example, you cannot send your friend to participate in your place. You must first transfer the ticket into their name on Eventbrite.

How to change ticket details/transfer ticket:


Can I update my registration information?

How to change customer profile details:


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, your name will appear on attendance records held onsite at the location of the program. The facilitator will mark you as attended at the completion of the program

How do makeup sessions and refunds work?

Makeup sessions:

If you are unable to attend the program, you have paid for makeup sessions can be organised accessing alternative programs throughout the LGA. Please refer to the Lifelong Learning Program to propose a makeup session that would best suit you. Makeup sessions can include programs outside of the original purchased program type, for example, missing a yoga class and making up that program with a Zumba class instead.

Managing missed attendance remains the responsibility of the participant.

Visit: http://www.cumberland.nsw.gov.au/community-culture/lifelonglearning/ for a detailed program.


For medical reasons or instances of severe hardship and unforeseen circumstance, please contact staff at the community facility (if staffed) or the Lifelong Learning Officer.

To ensure a positive experience in the Lifelong Learning Program, Council can organise a change of enrolment into different programs of your choosing where there are spaces available (exchange). However, change of mind after the completion of more than 1 session of a program will not be considered as a valid reason for a refund.

To discuss the refund process, please contact Lifelong Learning Officer on:

Phone: 9735 1306

Email: veda.potluri@cumberland.nsw.gov.au

I have enrolled my child/ren in an after school program, can I leave the premises?

Under no circumstance are caregivers allowed to leave their child/ren and exit the premise (even if they intend on staying in the local vicinity). Parents and guardians must fully understand these programs are in no way shape or form a child minding/caring service. The duty of care remains the sole responsibility of the caregiver at all times.

Pregnancy, I am pregnant, can I still participate?

It is suggested that you seek medical clearance from your health care professional. Participation is done so at your own risk.

Injury, I am recovering from an injury can I still participate?

It is suggested that you seek medical clearance from your health care professional. Participation is done so at your own risk.

What is this program? I have never tried this before. What does it involve?

Please refer to the program description on this event page or for more information please research the program e.g. Google/YouTube search the program name.

Can I claim against my health insurance?

Programs are delivered by industry qualified professionals; however, the individual terms and conditions of your health insurance provider apply. Please contact your provider for information on what you are covered for and how to claim. They will often require you to produce a receipt as proof of purchase, the emailed receipt/ticket of purchase should suffice.

More questions?

After reading the FAQ section, if you have remaining questions, please contact Lifelong Learning Officer on: Phone: 9735 1306 or Email: veda.potluri@cumberland.nsw.gov.au

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Allan G Ezzy Community Centre

1 Newport Street

Pemulwuy, NSW 2145


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