ZOOM Workshop #24 — Processed Food Addiction

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National Institute of Peínamania ™

87 Main Avenue

Balmoral, QLD 4171


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Presented by Dr Karren-Lee Raymond ISAM CHI CSAM-SMCA ASAM. If on a mobile device, download the Zoom app. (free) prior to signing in.

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Compulsive over-eater, binge eater, impulsive eater, emotional eater, yo-yo dieter, junk food abuser, chocoholic — call me whatever you like but please, please, please don’t call me a processed food addict.

Karren-Lee Raymond PhD, International public speaker, researcher, practitioner, and author continues to present Karren-Lee Addictionology® workshops (using the Zoom platform) based on her clinical experience, knowledge, understanding and professional expertise in the addiction realm.

Dr Raymond’s recently released book “Processed Food Addict: Is This Me?” is utilised to further one’s own journey in recovery from the potentially fatal illness of processed food addiction. Whether an individual is new in recovery, recovered, or possibly has the predisposition to processed food addiction, or is not sure, a continual understanding and reiteration of ‘treating the disease of processed food addiction on a daily basis is vital and is no different to treating any other disease. Once again, Dr Raymond stands by her motto ‘abstinence with peace of mind is the norm for a processed food addict.’

Coming into recovery the processed food addict does achieve continued abstinence as well as experiencing peace of mind; freedom ensures as one has been released from the illness and its consequences. As with any chronic disease, remission is one day at a time. Apathy, boredom, and complacency can subtly move in unawares.

Dr Raymond continues to share her wisdom, knowledge and understanding of how to permanently keep the disease of processed food addiction in remission while continually learning how to face life on life’s terms without a substance.

*** Limited To Maximum 16 People ***

This workshop is limited to 16 people.

Please see the details below for the next ZOOM workshop. We would love to see you there.

23 January 2022 (Sunday) Australia

22 January 2022 (Saturday) USA

9.00 am –11:00 am Brisbane, AUS time (approx...)

6.00 pm – 8:00 pm Baltimore, USA time (approx...)

This month, January, 2022 Dr. Raymond will be presenting a workshop on:



Anyone suffering from a chronic illness rarely asks a surgeon to partially remove a malignant growth…

Speaking points will include:

When the SPIRITUAL MALADY IS OVERCOME, we straighten out mentally and physically…

I) What chains?

A. Broken, beaten, down-trodden, hopeless, desperate – POWERLESS !!!;

o I’ve tried everything ☹

o I have nowhere else to go…it is all my fault

o Endless shame, blame and guilt.

B. ODAP – the voice of reason??? ;

o “You didn’t try hard enough!”

o “You will never amount to anything”

o “Trust me, AND only me and I will help you to… LOSE WEIGHT!!!

II) Broken? Set free? NOW WHAT!

A. Learning to live this newfound spiritual way of life;

o The 4th dimension of living is about being set free..from what?

▶ Our self will in all three areas of our lives

• Social, security and sex instincts

• Physical, mental, spiritual peace.

III) A New Year: Annual Inventory…

$50 AUD



Telephone :

Australia 1300 95 25 35 ; + 61 421 758 177

USA +1 443 769 7759

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Date and time


National Institute of Peínamania ™

87 Main Avenue

Balmoral, QLD 4171


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Refund policy

Contact the organiser to request a refund.

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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Organiser K-L (Dr Karren-Lee Raymond)

Organiser of ZOOM Workshop #24 — Processed Food Addiction

K-L’s research focuses on the concept of processed food addiction being a neurobiochemical condition of the brain, and the prevention and treatment being the same as treating other addictive diseases such as drug addiction and alcoholism.

Through treatment based on abstinence from the addictive substance processed food addicts can live happy and healthy lives.




Book: Processed Food Addict: Is This Me?

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0648436217

Publisher: KLWR Publications (21 November 2019)

Book URL:cutt.ly/is-this-me




Raymond, K-L., & Lovell, G. P.  (2015). Food addiction symptomology, impulsivity, mood, and body mass index in people with type two diabetes. Appetite, 95, 383-389, doi:10.1016/j.appet.2015.07.030


Raymond, K-L., & Lovell, G. P. (2016).  Food Addiction Associations with Psychological Distress among People with Type 2 Diabetes.  Journal of Diabetes and its Complications. 30, 651-656,  doi: 10.1016/j.jdiacomp.2016.01.020


Raymond, K-L., Kannis-Dymand, L., & Lovell, G. P. (2016). A graduated food addiction classification approach significantly differentiates obesity among people with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Health Psychology, 1-10, doi: 10.1177/1359105316672096 


Raymond, K-L., Kannis-Dymand, L., & Lovell, G. P. (2017).  A Graduated Food Addiction Classifications Approach Significantly Differentiates Depression, Anxiety and Stress among People with Type 2 Diabetes. Completed - currently in review - Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. 132, 95-101 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.diabres.2017.07.028


Raymond, K-L., Kannis-Dymand, L., & Lovell, G. P. (2017).  Impulsivity, Processed Food Addiction Classifications and Type 2 Diabetes: Implementation of a Standardised Clinical Screening Battery, employing Mild, Moderate or Severe Severity Levels. Currently ready for submission (Research shared at ISAM 2017 UAE Abu Dhabi).

Cite as: Raymond, K-L., Lovell, G. P., Hsueh-Chih Lai, S. (2020). Alcoholism­­­– History Repeats: Processed Food Addiction, a 21st Century Phenomenon. K-L A Brisbane: NIP Educational Materials. https://addictionology.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Processed-Food-Addiction_A-21st-Century-Phenomenon_Paper_Vol-1Nattional-Institute-Of-Peinamania.pdf

Cite as: Raymond, K-L. (2020). The Disease of Processed Food Addiction: Treating the Cause not the Symptoms… Karren-Lee Addictionology®: Brisbane Australia. https://addictionology.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/the-disease-of-processed-food-addiction-treating-the-cause-not-the-symptoms-a-perspective.pdf


Karren-Lee Raymond.


Practice Director

+ 61 4 2175 8177    K-L@addictionology.com.au    addictionology.com.au 

Karren-Lee Addictionology® ABN 35 502 255 758

Karen-Lee Addictionology®

National Institute of Peínamania™

87 Main Avenue


QLD 4171



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