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2806 Springbrook Road

Springbrook, QLD 4213


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Do you have “one of those” children?

About this Event

Do you have “one of those” children?

😡 Is your son or daughter...

😡 Addicted to technology

😡 Disconnected from others

😡 Has wild mood swings

😡 Is unwilling to communicate

😡 Has ADHD, Autism or anxiety

😡 Or simply will not listen...

Look we get it, sometimes it can be all too much!!

If you're at breaking point, wondering if it’ll ever get better... Don’t despair. You’re NOT alone and there is HOPE!

Our life changing retreat for troubled teens, is literally saving families... …and teenage children's lives!

You see, hundreds of parents are going through the EXACT the same thing as you.

And just like you, All too often left to ‘go it alone’ and suffering in silence. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way!

In fact, we’ve helped 100’s of parents and teenagers… (just like you) Make it through this challenging time in a young person's life.

Now, imagine what it would mean if YOU could have your happy; loving child back!?

Not just this....

But the BEST version of themselves! And the person you know (deep down) your child can be....

💙 Engaging

💙 Polite, well mannered

💙 Emotionally balanced

💙 Smiling and happy

💙 Most of all, living a life with joy back in their eyes

Here’s what it’s all about...

For over 2 years our team at My Healthy Mind, Have been helping troubled teens who suffer from a wide range of social, Mental and behavioral issues turn their lives around, and get back on track.

How does it all work?

It’s like this...

We run a 5-day Youth Identity Retreat, where our skilled team of child therapist & coaches work through a range of therapies, exercises and skill developing classes.

Teaching your child, the skills they need to not only cope through this challenging time...

But to thrive, and grow into the incredible person you know they can be.

The retreat consists of 36 kids (of a similar age), 4 nights, 5 days at a on-site nature retreat

Here's what they’ll experience, these are just some of the lessons and classes they’ll be a part of:

✔ Dealing with a bullying class – They learn how to navigate being bullied (or to stop being a bully)

✔ Anger management sessions – they’ll learn how to self-regulate their emotions and handle stressful situations with calm

✔ Conflict resolution training – They will learn to communicate during difficult times of conflict to express how they are really feeling

✔ Martial Arts training – teaching them respect, self-worth and emotional recognition (plus enjoy physical activity)

✔ Yoga & meditation – They'll learn mindfulness and ways to find peace in their daily lives to cope with stress and anxiety

✔ Debates sessions– They will learn techniques to better debate and communicate their points with those who disagree with them

✔ Dietitian classes – They will discover the vital role good nutrition plays in mental welfare

✔ Personal & Environmental hygiene classes – We’ll show them why respecting their environment and cleanness is the key to happiness

✔ Bush walks – Where they will connect with nature and understand how to slow things down and appreciate what they have

And much more. Plus... ️

They’ll eat fresh delicious meals (according to their individual dietary requirements)

Now, it’s NOT just about the children! ...we help YOU too.

On the final day of the camp we have a dedicated day just for you and the other parents going through this same journey.

On this Parent day, you’ll come to camp and we’ll work with you personally to teach you skills to better connect with, and understand your child.

As well as share with you the incredible breakthroughs your child had during their retreat.

Now just to be clear:

❌ This is NOT a military style camp;

➡ While there are rules in place (such as no technology) this is a growth and wellness focused retreat for children and parents alike.

➡ You’ll receive regular updates daily, keeping you fully in the loop as to how your child's progressing.

Regardless of your child's special physical, mental or dietary needs. Our team are qualified and experienced at working with all kinds of children and equipped to handle any requirements.

Let’s be clear - Your child's health & safety is our #1 focus.

Now, spots at these retreats are limited, and we do book out fast...

So, If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for...

Avoid disappointment, and contact us today to organise a chat over the phone where we can give you more details and answer all your questions.

We will also send you an information pack, with loads of helpful information about our team, our company, and the retreat.

💥 We are registered NDIS providers, and the cost for our retreat are covered under the NDIS scheme for NIDS participants 💥

But again,

...this retreat does fill fast - we have only 36 spots on this retreat and at the time of writing this ad, we only had 8 spots left.

So, start by hitting the button and requesting a FREE (no obligation) phone consultation with our team... Because your child’s not broken.

And you’re NOT a bad parent.

But, you do need a little help.

So, call now and start a new chapter together.

Call 1300 376 399 TODAY!

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2806 Springbrook Road

Springbrook, QLD 4213


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