Yoga Deep Restorative Relaxation with Nature - Wed 8 Dec 2021

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Allow the body to unwind and relax to this gentle Yoga Deep Restorative Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) class

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Yoga Deep Restorative Relaxation with Nature

Online Class: class is currently only available online using Zoom. This one hour class takes place on Wednesday evenings.

Prepare to have Everything you need ready: A quiet, clear and uninterrupted space for this practice is essential. Have coverings ready to place over the body so that you do not become cold.

Course outline:

Allow the body to unwind and relax during this gentle restorative class. Practices include simple, easy stretches (which are optional) followed by a longer deep restorative relaxation practice (Yoga Nidra).

Yoga Nidra provides an opportunity to be at rest in any comfortable position including options to be seated on a chair, couch or to sit on the floor in a meditative position of one's choice or perhaps the most favourite and traditional position - the pose of deep relaxation (Shavasana) with the body simply lying comfortably on the back in an easy symmetrical horizontal alignment. During Yoga Nidra there is no physical effort required.

One's attention is simply focused on the guidance provided by the voice of the Yoga teacher alone. These words present stepping stones to encourage and guide one's self towards a deeper sense of ease, peace and tranquillity. Yoga Nidra involves entering the deeper levels of natural harmony available and accessible within one's own being through this simple technique. Ideally where possible, it is best to remain awake and some suggestions are provided to assist avoiding falling asleep.

The guidelines follow a sequence of stages as one moves towards unravelling deeper levels of tension while calming the mind. Themes may include awareness of the natural facets of ones own self including experiences of one's audible surroundings, the experiences of the physical body and areas of held tension. Practices progress into breath awareness and may include gentle visualisations based on the natural world.

During this class there will also be opportunities to reflect on one's: self, social context and opportunities for engagement and interconnection even in the midst of physical distancing. At times reflection may be focused on narratives or themes to promote greater belonging. Towards the end of the class there may at times be opportunities for sharing one's own experiences and views. Please participate in helping to make this a welcoming, inclusive and supportive space for all to share and enjoy in this open community based practice.

Attendance and self care in practice: The classes are available for those without previous experience (beginners) as well as to those who are more experienced. Where there is attendance with mixed experience there will be guidance towards adapting ones practice accordingly.

While the practices are mostly stationary (deep relaxation) there are also some (optional) gentle stretches. Please note that it is most important to only practice within ones level of fitness, health and ability. You are encouraged to practice gently and to reduce the effort and / or range of movement and to stop and rest at any time where needed so as to make the practice safe and useful. Those who are fitter and familiar with the practice may choose to work more strongly. Working within ones abilities is essential for safe practice and progressive useful development. Note that in an online class individualised guidance and instruction may not be possible or limited, so self care and taking full responsibility for ones own wellbeing and safety is most essential.

Webcam recommended: To participate in this class a fully functioning webcam is recommended to make best use of this opportunity. This to enable a minimum degree of visual feedback, guidance and instruction where possible as well as to enhance communications and integrity within this virtual Yoga practice space. There may also be opportunities later to share your experiences with others.

Audio Mute: Please mute audio when not needed to avoid excess background noise

ITC Check: Please check your computer, webcam, audio connection well in advance of this class.

Venue use: It is essential that you ensure that your practice space will be safe, secure and uninterrupted for the duration of this event. Refer also to guidelines and requirements regarding COVID-19 and Work Health & Safety within your local area.

Booking Conditions: The information provided on this Eventbrite page and related Emails and on the YOGA NATURE Website and Notices constitute the Booking Terms and Conditions. On making a Booking you are confirming that you have read, understood, agreed to and that you will comply with these Terms and Conditions. You agree to obtain clarification with YOGA NATURE on any significant requirement as necessary. This event is organised by YOGA NATURE and your booking includes only the requested YOGA NATURE Classes at your nominated time and date. The Booking is not transferable, exchangeable or interchangeable with activities, events, classes or services offered by others. The classes may only be attended by the person Booked.


Fitness, Health & Medical Condition Check: You are most welcome to attend classes provided you have been medically advised that this type of class and practice is suitable for your own particular circumstances and conditions. Please ensure that you have consulted with appropriate professional medical practitioners before making a Booking.

COVID SAFETY: The COVID precautions current at the time of attendance are applicable as well as any special precaution required. You agree to check and be responsible for meeting these requirements.

ZOOM Link: A zoom link to the class session will be forwarded by email on or before the day prior to the Class

ENQUIRIES: Kindly please use the CONTACT PAGE on the YOGA NATURE website


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Organiser of Yoga Deep Restorative Relaxation with Nature - Wed 8 Dec 2021

Yoga Classes include teachings of Traditional Yoga practices promoting wellbeing, insight and development at personal, relational and professional levels. The approach to teaching is guided by Traditional Yoga including Buddhist concepts, philosophy and values and are supported by Eastern contemplative and Western contemporary research and learning. The teaching style is facilitative and human centred with a strong focus on self-awareness, self-care, self-development, self-management as well as the importance of connectedness to community and responsibilities (Sangha). Classes often explore the original intent and purpose of Yoga, the management of the mind, body, emotions and stress as well as foundations for living life with greater clarity, meaning and wellbeing.

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