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Mdvs Business Services

14 woodbridge drive

cooloongup, wa 6168


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Bring your Laptop
Leave the workshop with scheduled posts DONE for over a month.

Cost is $99 per person.
Workshop in Rockingham
9.30am to 1pm

Coffee is available from Maccas if you want one on the way in...
But please make time for it as we start dead on 9.30am
Fruit from Malibu Fresh Essentials will be supplied.

You need to bring in a word document in DOT POINT.
List of 10 things YOU like to do (read books, watch movies)
List of 10 awards you have won (chamber business award)
List of 10 credientials (certified trainer, first aid)
List of 10 groups or associations you are in or donate to (rotary)
List of 10 random things about you
List of 25 things your business offers.

These will form the basis of your posts
Bring with your on your laptop Photos of you, your family, your business etc.

Dress casual

This investment of $99 wll show you how quick and simple statuses work, how to dictate and not ask questions, to take imperfect action. To just do it. You will have the room available to create your statuses in scheduled posts.

This workshop is for those with a strong understanding of Facebook not someone new to it.

You will leave the event with a truckload of statuses ready to update.

You DON’T update your Facebook Business Page because: -
* You get stuck with what to say.
* You get frustrated so you put up nothing.
* No one comments so why should you.
* You don’t think it works.
* It’s too time consuming.
* You keep hearing content is king, but what does that mean.

What if I was to tell you: -
* That its easy once you know how.
* Not every status needs to be interactive.
* That a Facebook business page possess REAL value and can be sold when selling your business.
* No one is that invested in your business, but let’s keep them connected anyway.

Spend time with Sharyn McCaskey of Mdvs Business Services Social Media Strategist and your Facebook Specialist

We will workshop statuses for you to update.
You will leave with load of ideas, comments and campaigns.
You will understand what works and what doesn’t and what to not care about.
You will be inspired and have ah ha moments.
You’ll have a group of others working on ideas for each other.

9.30am to 1pm in Rockingham Training Rooms
COST $99.00 with a 100% money back guarantee and a receipt for tax purposes.
Price is per person however for another admin of one business the cost is $30.00 (if you are bringing more than you please call me on 0408863331)
RBS BC members and past MDVS Attendees are $79.00pp

78% of Rockingham residents are on Facebook.
That’s thousands of potential clients.
Customers search on line when wanting to purchase, it isn’t the future it’s NOW.
Google often rank an active Facebook page higher than a website in a search.
People do business with those they know, like and trust Facebook builds all 3.
Market your business daily for FREE.
Is your business ACTIVE on Facebook?

WE DO NOT Bait and Sell, everything you need will be shared during the workshop.

9.30am discussion on marketing and Facebook and the art of making social media social.
10.00am to 1pm hands on workshop, writing status, you can do this on your laptop.

You will leave with an understanding of Facebook and how to make it work for you.
We will find ways to turn your Facebook into a sales tool that will bring in new clients.
You will learn how to use your phone and upload to Facebook in less than a minute.
You will learn to schedule 7 days’ worth of marketing posts in less than 30 minutes a week!
You will have already actioned a number of scheduled posts ready to roll out.

Facebook is easy to use, is quick to update and cost nothing, you don’t need to buy ads if you choose not to.
Fact - 90% of all marketing dollars spent is 100% wasted

Reasons why Mdvs Facebook Specialists are Different
1. We are NOT the same old same old.
2. We talk to you not at you.
3. This is an interactive workshop
4. We understand how Facebook works within real world marketing.
5. We’re mature, experienced, respected, knowledgably and unique.
6. We’re qualified, certified trainers and assessors.
7. We are award winning trainers and business operators.
8. Our own marketing reflects our teachings, research us, we walk our talk.
9. We talk common sense you will hear “of course” often in our workshop.
10. We offer solutions to your business; not generic one size fits all training.
11. The group is limited to small number for maximum expose for you.
12. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.
13. There is no death by PowerPoint.
14. We have taught 25,000 people; most attendees have come from referrals.
15. We focus on designing a strategy that works for your business.
16. Marketing and Advertising are two distinct things.

• IMAGINE the results you can achieve!
• MDVS Business Services only focuses on Facebook; we know our subject thoroughly!
We have a firm understanding of all platforms and a presence on each.

We will share with you how hash tags don’t need to be on Facebook and why.
We will share with you simple tricks that WORK like the importance of @tagging.
We will share with you why videos really work on Facebook and how it only takes two minutes to do one.
We will share with you how to schedule your posts for a week in less than 30 minutes.

These seminars are interactive, fun, informative and effective.
They’re not a death by PowerPoint.
They will get you results if you action the strategies - GUARANTEED.

Past Attendees get RESULTS
528 likes and ORGANIC reach of 17,874 potential clients and YES, a percentage turns into sales.
240 likes and ORGANIC reach of 3,249 potential clients and YES, a percentage turns into sales.
2519 likes and ORGANIC reach of on average of around 9,000 Per Post

Let’s Be Honest: -
• Knowing how to navigate a page is not the same as marketing a business on Facebook
• People love to buy, but they hate to be sold
• Likes are NOT dead and Organic Reach can still be achieved easily
• Facebook Business Marketing works and used correctly you will gain new referrals and maintain existing relationships
• If you choose to buy Ads then let me show you how to do it for maximum target and exposure and at the best rate.
• Facebook often trumps your website on a Google search.
• Facebook maintains your existing clients and obtains new ones
• 95% of all business is searched on line

Mdvs Business Services understands that many seminars are disguises for a business to sell at you, we don’t we offer you real world real business support that actually works and mostly at no or very little cost. Our value is in building long term relationships that leaves you wanting to refer us and/or continue to do business with us.

We have never been about the cash grab; our business succeeds on its customer service and our product knowledge.
We offer a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked
Call Sharyn 0408 863331 or email mdvs@iinet.net.au to book your seat.

• This seminar works best for those with a working understanding of Facebook and those with an existing Facebook presence that you want more action from.
• We suggest you download the free app called Facebook Pages before attending our workshops.

Facebook Users have become quite savvy; therefore, it will be a lot harder to stand out. To win big in social media, you'll have to think outside the box and find ways to get your content to Stand Out in all the noise.

Pros and Cons of using Facebook
I focus on Facebook. So, I am going to HELP you with all you need to know and if you want to know more, then call me 24/7 on 0408 863331.

With its low costs and large audiences, it's easy to get carried away with social media. It's wise to tread carefully and be aware of both the pros and cons before you start and FOCUS on ONLY what is right for you and your business.

Pros of using Facebook
Facebook can have the benefits of word of mouth, but on a larger scale and reach a high number of potential customers.
Potential advantages can include:
• reduced marketing costs
• increased sales
• increased traffic to your website
• improved ranking on search engines in fact Facebook trumps a website often on a Google Search
• greater customer engagement
• greater access to international markets
• opportunity for customer feedback
• opportunity to conduct market research about your customers
• Improved networking opportunities with customers and other businesses.
• Free forum to advertise your specials, events and products and service.
• 60,000 of your potential clients are users of Facebook just in Rockingham.

Cons of social media
these can be elevated by speaking to me, Sharyn McCaskey

If you are unprepared and launch your Facebook presence without proper planning, you could waste valuable time and money.
It is important to note Facebook is NOT a selling tool, it is a tool that is there to showcase your business and remind people of your brand, so that they get to know, like and trust you, then when you are needed they know EXACTLY who to refer, use, call, contact and buy from.

More feedback can be found at

Sharyn I really found your seminar great and informative and the three hours just flew
Thanks heaps, Carol Adams Lawyer

If you do one thing for your business, go to an Mdvs Business Services seminar. Sharyn is the best!
Maria Georgiou Life Size Cut Outs

Sharyn, many thanks for the Facebook seminar empowered and excited to get things happening
Tanya Scott Scubanautics Diving Academy

Your marketing ideas on social media put more people in seats than any other form of our marketing and it cost us nothing, thank you.
Paige Newmark Shakespeare WA

Just trying to get my head around it all I can't wait to get stuck into reading the books. I think it finally clicked that Facebook potential is huge when it’s done correctly. I am excited.
Caroline Bates Tourism Promotions and Events

Sharyn knows MARKETING and I would recommend anyone who needs help in this area to call Sharyn and get her working on it. She goes the extra mile to find opportunities and the most important thing is she is honest and ethical.
Thanks again Sharyn - we will be in touch.
Shane Smith, Finance For Tradies

‎Linda Fisher of Telf Promotional Products
Would like to thank Sharyn McCaskey of Mdvs Business Services for the excellent seminar on Facebook - learnt a LOT of very useful information, if you haven't done the course it's a must!

Edward Brewer Homes
Thankyou Sharyn, for all your great advice as you can see I am putting into practise what I've learned from you.

Linda Brewer
Thankyou Sharyn, I found your session on Facebook very encouraging, definitely not boring and I came out with a smile and lots of positive ideas on how to tweak our page.

Shane Thomson
Hi Sharyn McCaskey, Paul White and myself just want to say a huge thank you for giving us the time today to explore many fantastic ideas of things we can do with our business, giving us the tools to make the most of what we already know & for delivering expert marketing knowledge. I think a combined training session with Nick Kelleher from Get Wicked with Nick will be next on the cards. Once again, thank you so much, and we recommend anyone to spend sometime with you, even for a fresh approach and a cup of coffee!

Anita Sharpes
Thank you Sharyn for the FB seminar on Monday, I thought I already knew FB but it gave me lot's more tips.

Pauline Bright
Thanks Sharyn for a brilliant Facebook workshop - NOW I get it!!! Facebook is my newest best friend now that I know how to use it...

Chelsea Robinson
Program Support Officer
Extra Edge-Boronia Choir Support
Thank you very much for your seminar, I really enjoyed it!
As of yet, I do not have any questions...’m sure if I come across any problems I will make sure I ask.
Once again, thank you for all your help and advice... I feel like I gathered lots from your seminar.

Thank you for coming out to the SJ shire resource centre, your course has given me so much knowledge for general marketing & not just Facebook. I really did learn alot about Facebook & FB pages. I especially loved how it did not DRAGGGG out like other lectures, you were humorous & knowledgeable.
Rebecca - Byford Premiere Realty

Sharyn McCaskey of Mdvs Business Services recently presented a seminar for 40 attendees through the Small Business Centre South West.
The subject was on social media focusing on Facebook Marketing for Business.
We were very happy with the informative and light hearted humorous way in which Sharyn conducted the seminar and which made it an enjoyable day.
The handouts were useful and plentiful and Sharyn made sure to have everyone feel included during the seminar.
Feedback from the attendees was very positive and Sharyn is quite knowledgeable in her industry her passion for it also comes across.
On a personal note we found Sharyn easy to deal with, approachable, able to fit into our changes or suggestions and professional yet still being friendly.
We would be happy to have Sharyn back to present another seminar in the future.
Sharon Lawrence
Small Business Centre South West
Tel: 08 9754 8555

Greetings Sharyn,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big THANK YOU for your inspirational talk with our students yesterday- just great comments came from our students.
Looking forward to doing it again next year!
All the best,
Deb Nook ECL1.008
Murdoch University

Sharyn McCaskey Facebook Training was jam packed with relevant and current information about how to effectively run a social media campaign. Her enthusiasm and passion for this platform is contagious and you really start to catch the wave that is a marketing revolution.
Evelyn Damjanovich
Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce – MCCC

Loved your facebook workshop. Thank you it was much appreciated – you are always so motivational”
~Fabian Santana Mind Your Weight.

Looking forward to your off line marketing seminar tomorrow!! Your seminars are always so informative and of course the networking element is invaluable! Thanks Sharyn!
~Sarah Michaels Toys To You.

I have learnt today the importance of social media marketing in small business and just how valuable and fun business networking is. A huge THANKYOU to Sharyn of MDVS Business Services for inviting me along to both of these events It has certainly been a very fulfilling day!
~MOOZ MOOZ Kristy Adams

The Mortgage Gallery Mandurah would like to thank MDVS Business Services for an insightful & inspiring seminar on Friday. It only takes one light bulb moment
~The Mortgage Gallery Mandurah

Totally Focused Photography had an awesome morning with Sharon McCaskey of MDVS business services. learnt heaps about marketing my business and thoroughly enjoyed her company…highly recommend…love your work!!!
~Totally Focused Photography

Hello Sharyn
I really enjoy your presentation and you are great. You have inspire me to implement some changes to my practice. In fact I have will hold a meeting with my podiatrists next Monday to implement them. I find your books fabulous… easy to read, practical & informative
Kind regards
Hung Quan BSc(Pod)
Peel Podiatry Clinic

Dear Sharyn,
Thank you very much for your presentation today. The guys reckon we needed your input and it went down very well. Much aided by your presentation style! Please email me the current edition of the book so that I can read it on my Kindle in the plane back to Ireland. I hope that the ceremony went your way this evening, you were a winner in our eyes All the best Des
Des McWilliam
UK Sails Ireland
Co Cork

Firstly can I say how much I enjoyed the course yesterday, it was pleasure to meet you and to learn from such a happy person who holds no punches
Amanda McLaren
Medical Services Coordinator

Thank you for your time yesterday. Your ideas and generosity was truly inspiring said Sharmain
What an informative and enlightening "Facebook for Business" seminar Sharyn McCaskey put on this morning. I thought I knew a fair bit about FB, (all self taught and picked up from others), but I realised this morning how little I knew about using FB correctly for your business. I was able to take away from the seminar, knowing that I can certainly use FB more effectively as a business social media outlet. Thank you Sharyn, I look forward to your next business seminar, what ever it may be! I will there .. Said Michelle

Enjoyed the session on FB immensely. Sharyn, you have a wealth of knowledge and I gained some true gems during the session which I'll apply immediately.... said Sherryl Woods

Hi Sharyn. I attended your seminar at Serpentine Jarrahdale on Thursday night and was overwhelmed buy your knowledge regarding Facebook and I hope to have learnt a few things for when I set up my business page. Thanks for such a positive and fun seminar.
Tahna Lambert

Michelle Sparkes
I have just completed the Facebook Marketing Seminar with Sharyn, and WOW, what an informative 3 hours that was!! Sharyn is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all areas of FB marketing and marketing in general. She delivers the training in a straight to the point, down to earth manner - hitting the key points that everyone needs to know on how to market their business. It doesn't matter what your business, the concepts are the same and Sharyn can help each person understand what it means in the context of their individual business as the training is intimate with only a handful of attendees. Now all I have to do is put it in to practise with follow up help and advice from Sharyn. THANKS Sharyn, I will definitely be recommending you to my business friends :D

Hope Connolly
Thank You Sharyn for the Seminar last night. Definitely have a lot more direction on how to handle my Facebook page

Claudia Wells
Sharyn from MDVS is awesome. I have found her seminars to be light-hearted, but very informative, which carried through to one-on-one session that I did with her. Her passion for what she does is evident every time I deal with her, and she has a tremendous level of integrity and commitment when dealing with clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharyn to anyone.

Sheryll Fisher
Enjoyed the session on FB immensely. Sharyn, you have a wealth of knowledge and I gained some true gems during the session which I'll apply immediately.

Mark Chaston
Spent the morning with Sharyn on the Facebook Marketing seminar - three hours very well spent. No death by power point. More training by fun and conversation. If you want to know about Facebook then do yourself a favour and book onto one of Sharyn's courses.

Adam MacDonald
Had a great training session today on face book and marketing AAAA plus training highly recommend to any business owner to do the training with Sharyn. Heaps of great information for something that is a free marketing tool that anyone can use :)

Karli Shemeld
I thoroughly enjoyed Sharyn's Facebook marketing workshop. It really opened my eyes up about how to use Facebook for your business. I loved Sharyn's straight forward approach and how she engaged with all participants. I'm excited for our new business venture. Thank you so much Sharyn!
- Karli Shemeld, Builders and Renovators Warehouse

Debbie Nye
I had an amazing morning yesterday with Sharyn when I attended her Facebook Business Marketing Seminar. So many lightbulb moments. Sharyn is passionate, informative and professional. I have just printed off my manuals so I can go and read all the information and start putting everything I have learned into practice. Thank-you very much Sharyn.
Regards, Debbie - L'amour Hair Design, Rockingham

Jocelyn Logan
Fairy thank you Sharon for another fantastic training session. Today was the Facebook Business Marketing Seminar, came away with loads of ideas and learnt a lot, now I will process it all, read and make notes on the manuals you sent me and set myself tasks. Your energy is contagious and just what I needed. I am not great with speaking out in a group environment so limiting the number of attendees is a great idea. Thanks again, Joce & Jen from The Fairies Rockingham

Tina Bill
Amazing! What we learnt from you Sharyn in only a 1 hour consultation would have taken us at least 6-12 months!! You are informative with an enthusiasm that is contagious! Your passion for growing any business is refreshing as is your fairness and professionalism. Thank you so very much from Veronica and Myself!

Alison Sue Purcell
Sharyn - you are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for readily sharing your knowledge of social media, marketing and debt collection. Your facebook course was so worthwhile, especially as you continually gave everyone ideas and ways to increase their business.

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Mdvs Business Services

14 woodbridge drive

cooloongup, wa 6168


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