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Workshop: Healing Body image and Food choices

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Body image influences your decisions, your confidence, the relationship, your love and sex life, your eating habits & so much more.

About this Event

About this Online Workshop

We will take a look at how this all works, how body image has affected our life, what cycle we are personally caught up in and discuss the strategies to get out and start fully living and thriving using emotoinal intelligence, neuroplasticity and intuitive nutrition.

Your body image influences your entire life. The ideal body image is something that can torment us our entire life.

It influences the decisions you make, the confidence you have, the relationship and the love you think you deserve, the risks you take, your eating habits, your entire lifestyle in general.

If you are stuck with negative body image and inconsistent, confusing food choices, you're in the right place.

It's something that perhaps we never talked about or admitted out loud. Perhaps we never even admitted to ourselves! Or perhaps we know it and our working on changing that.

This is your safe space to talk about it and bring it to light. There is nothing to be ashamed of and this is much more normal than we all think!

When you have a bad relationship with your body and your self-image, real self-care and self-love become impossible.

And the experience of choosing good and nutritious foods also gets affected by the fact you don’t trust your body. And it becomes a negative loop.

You might enter a dieting cycle triggered by anxiety and based on shame which we will discuss and understand - and obtain tools to get out of it.

Samantha and Valeria will share their personal struggles with shame and body insecurities that trace back to their early childhood and the challenges they had to overcome to get to where they are now.

What the workshop includes:

  • Where body image originates
  • The role of confirmation bias
  • Reprogramming your body image
  • What is intuitive eating
  • How dieting leads to body shame
  • Activities and discussions to understand and improve your own body image


  • Powerful self-acceptance and self-love practices
  • Life-long tools to become more confident in yourself
  • Perception-altering understanding of how culture and childhood influences your self-talk and body image
  • More clarity or lightness around your body image
  • Worksheets and material to continue your journey!

Your two awesome facilitators:

Samantha Sacchi

Hi I'm Samantha Sacchi, the founder of The Self Club, an educator, a coach and a life and business strategist.

I help people get unstuck from overthinking, anxiety or perfectionism.

I help them get clear and make more aligned decisions, feel happier, more balanced and fulfilled through self-awareness , management of emotions, and bulding of self-trust, self-love and self-belief.

I'm on a mission to embed emotional intelligence and self-awareness into our lives into basic education.

The Self Club is on a mission to create a more self-aware, emotionally and socially connected world. 🌏

We create supportive, inspirational spaces to help people access their power and feel the courage to bring their magic into the world.

Read more about her journey here.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/theself.club/

Instagram: @theself.club

Read more about The Self Club on the website here.

Valeria Sumar

I'm Valeria, a passionate Nutritionist and Dietitian (non-diet) based in Melbourne.

I love what I do because for me it is not just my work, it is my lifestyle.

I've been travelling for 5 years, working in retreats in Bali and Italy, attending seminars in London, Australia and constantly looking to learn new things.

For me, our experience of the Self is what matters, and what makes me want to help others. My approach in nutrition goes together with body acceptance and the relationship with food

My main areas are Women's Health: menstrual cycle awareness and care, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility and going off the contraception. And plant based nutrition , at the same time help non vegetarian people to decrease the consumption of animal foods.

This includes healthy eating balance and relationship with food, a non DIET nutrition and lifestyle medicine approach, body acceptance, selfcare and self compassion.

Read more on Radiant Nutritionist website here.

Instagram: radiant.nutritionist

We look forward to having you join us on Zoom!

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Online Event

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