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Women-Only Weight Loss Workshop - Saturday - 9 Sep 2017 - 10am - 1pm

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Sandringham, VIC 3191


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I will teach you how to lose weight, quickly and easily while eating real food!

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn everything you need to know to improve your health, weight & feel energised and better than you have in a long time. Come and learn the reasons why we have a slow decline into ill health, gain weight regardless of how little you eat or how much you exercise (and its not what you've been taught, its also not your fault), but most importantly come and learn how to reset while eating real, nourishing food and feeling full and satified:

  • You will receive a workbook to take home to further support you on your journey
  • You will receive one free group coaching webinar one week after the course so that you can ask questions and get support
  • The workshop is run in a women-only, relaxed and safe space where you can ask questions
  • I am an experienced facilitator and will break the informtion down for you in an easy to undertand way and help you to apply it to your life
  • You will learn which foods create food cravings, make you gain weight and which make you lose weight (butter being one of the foods that help you lose weight, I promise!)

Whether you want to get healthy, lose or maintain weight, get rid of symptoms that are getting in your way of enjoying your life or prevent future disease then this is the diet you want to get very interested in.

I lost 12kg in the first 10 weeks and continued to loose weight until I got to my goal weight and kept it off without any struggle what so ever. All without starving, over exercising or the usual advice that we are given. You see I was incredibly frustrated by the constant yo-yo dieting I had done over the years, having tried everything I could to lose weight I knew that there had to be an easier way to lose weight. So I got right into understanding exactly what makes us fat (and its not fat by the way!) and once you understand this you'll know exactly what to do to lose weight while eating real food!

The best part for me however has been being able to take back control of my food cravings, dramatically increased energy, brain fog has dissappeared and I am mentally sharper than I have been in many years, my PMS is gone, I now sleep through the night. The benefits are immeasureable.

People have also reported improvements in: arthritis, weight-loss & maintenance, PCOS, pain, swelling, digestive discomfort, increased energy, decreased brain fog, decreased food/sugar craviings, type 2 diabetes and blood sugar control, decreased insulin resistance.

Gwendolen, L

'I'm blown away by the health changes I've seen in this first week. Clear airways and eyes, tinnitus gone, uninterrupted sleep leading to me waking refreshed and energetic rather than tired and stiff. My arthritic joints are easing and swelling reducing, the brain fog is gone. My bladder is calm so I'm voiding less frequently with greater volume and best of all my bowel is working properly. I'm happy, active and purposeful at last, just like my old self before my health failed. I'm loving it! Thank you so much for unlocking the secret!'

The results that past participants have got have been remarkable, they have lost weight quickly and easily but above all the changes in their health have been an added bonus, reduced pain, reduced reflux, reduced artthritis, improved blood sugar control, increased energy and reduced brain fog..

There are no tricks here I promise, its all about understanding which foods make us crave more food, which foods make us fat, which foods help us lose weight quickly while keeping us healthy. This is all completely opposite to what we have been taught. This diet does not require you to starve yourself or to over-exercise, it does not require you to drink shakes nor take supplements.

Jenni, M

' Griz's workshop was fun, motivating and incredibly informative... packed full of sound, evidence-based practice. She was immensely responsive to the many questions we all raised, and helped us build a realistic and achievable plan of how we can incorporate the many health benefits of Keto eating in our daily lives. She continues to support us as we navigate our way through a transformed approach to lifelong health and wellbeing. Thank you Griz for your knowledge, inspiration and continuing guidance... you've set me on track, and I am incredibly grateful. Jenni'

It is only a short walk from the Sandringham station. I have had people come from Geelong, Sydney, Tasmania, its really worth the trip! Don't let the location stop you from attending one of the most valuable workshops you every will for your health!

Additional Dates: www.ketohealth.com.au/workshops

What Past Participants have said:


Hi Griz, thank you for another fantastic class. The weight loss seminar was SO informative an SO easy to understand - you really motivated us to make a change! You not only broke down ‘what’ makes us fat, but what foods to consume and WHY we put on weight. YOU EXPLAINED THE MISSING LINK!

I recommend this class for anyone who wants not only weight loss, but HEALTH. Why keep struggling to loose weight, feel crappy and starve yourself when you can spare a few hours to learn what’s been wrong with the Australian Dietary guidelines.Many thanks, Anna S.

Sharlene, W

"Thanks Griz for a great three hours. I've read a lot, but you explained and gave me the knowledge I need to succeed"

For further information please contact me at griz@ketohealth.com.au or on 0466 152 597

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Sandringham, VIC 3191


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