Witches on Water: Spring Day

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International Flag Display

Lake Burly Griffin

Parkes, ACT 2600


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This Spring, let's celebrate all that is and has been ‘WOMAN’! Come and join me for a momentous (and totally fun) morning of Witches on Water at Lake Burley Griffin in the Parliamentary Triangle. It's time to put out positive images of women and girls and tell the real story behind some of history's most prominent symbols.

About Witches on Water

This Spring will be the first of a series of Witches on Water events. Kate Pamphilon, founder of Holistic by Nature and Witches on Water is a local complementary medicine practitioner who runs a variety of events, courses and workshops. Each Witches on Water event aims to bring the community together through the common goal of positive visibility for women and girls.

Why a Witch?

Historically, witches across Europe and North America were healers, herbalists, energy workers and midwives. They were an integral and honoured part of the community. Then in one of the worst eras in history, those in power in government, the church, the upper class, the university system and, in particular patriarchy, took a very dark turn and attempted to wipe witches out and burn them to the ground. Those in power began to create stories whereby the witch was painted as evil, dark, ugly or scary. During this time many innocent women and healers were killed and vilified as the image of a witch became an image of nightmares.

However, witches weren't wiped out. They still exist today much in the same way they always have — as healers, herbalists, counsellors, community leaders and midwives. However, even today there’s still fear around using the term ‘witch’ despite its original meaning of Wise Woman; a woman in her power.

If you look hard enough, you’ll still find covens or gatherings of witches around the world. You’ll still find communities that turn to and honour their healers. The Witch and her history is part of our history as women.

Let’s reclaim the witch by making her visible

Let’s reclaim the word WITCH and the language around her. Let’s reclaim the image of the witch as one that is colourful, powerful, light and dark. Let’s reclaim the skills of the witch and all that she does for the community. And most of all — let’s come together as the women of Canberra to celebrate our skills, our power, our diversity and our love for each other and our earth.

The eve of the Spring Equinox

Sunday, September 22nd falls on the eve of the Spring Equinox when there is an equal length of time in day and night hours. An equinox is an astronomical event that happens twice a year. During the Spring or Autumn Equinox, the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the sun.

The Spring Equinox represents new growth, renewal and rejuvenation and new light both in nature and within each of us. What a perfect time to gather together and set intentions for our growth.

Australian Women's Day - fundraising

This year marks Australia’s second Australian Women’s Day (AWD), which is also on Sunday 22nd of September! First and foremost it’s a day of celebration. A day to say ‘’You’re amazing’’ to the women and girls in your life. It’s a day to imagine the kind of Australia you want to be living in the future and to work toward creating that future. Kate will be gathering any donations you would like to contribute to AWD.

So grab a SUP, kayak or small boat, call your girlfriends, mothers, sisters and daughters! Don a witches hat, cloak or any other image that calls to the witch in you and meet me in front of the flags at Lake Burley Griffin. And don’t worry — if you’re not keen to hop on the water, we’re also holding a picnic on the lawns in front of the National Library to eat, drink, share and cackle. You may even meet some of our local healers, herbalists and midwives (witches).


When: Sunday 22nd September 2019


  • Water event: In front of the flags by Lake Burley Griffin (Parliamentary Triangle)

  • Picnic event: On the grass in front of the National Library

Time: 10am -12pm

Cost: Free — please email me kate@holisticbynature.com.au or join the Facebook event page or register here if you’re coming along so I can track numbers and keep you updated

What to bring:

  • a SUP board, kayak or small boat (that meets Lake Burley Griffin water regulations)

  • Water bottle

  • A lifejacket is recommended

  • Wear your best witchy outfit!

  • Food to share if you’re attending the picnic gathering

  • If you would like, a donation to raise money for the Australian Women’s Day movement

Contact for more information: Kate Pamphilon from Holistic by Nature kate@holisticbynature.com.au

Witches on Water and Holistic by Nature acknowledges the traditional owners of Australia. We recognise that the land was never ceded and we pay our respect to Elders past, present and future.

Witches on Water is inspired by an event held last year in Portland, Oregon and Bellingham, Washington where hundreds of witches paddled along local waters.

Date and Time


International Flag Display

Lake Burly Griffin

Parkes, ACT 2600


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