Wired for Wonder - Sydney
NIDA, Kensington, NSW, Australia

Wired for Wonder - Sydney

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Wired for Wonder - Sydney

NIDA, NIDA, Kensington, NSW

Event Description

This year’s theme, Polarity, centres on contrasting states, systems and views; discovering things outside ‘our usual world’ helps make new connections, something that is at the very heart of Wired for Wonder.

Again we have worked to create an inspiring and quirky space to inspire the type of thinking the world needs, moving far beyond the boundaries of traditional business events. This space will immerse the senses and take attendees on a sensory journey designed to inspire thinking and make your brain grow.

Why polarity? Wired for Wonder has always been about connecting attendees with thought leaders outside of their normal fields and outside the norm in general! When we listen to new ideas and old ideas, and new perspectives on old ideas, we can develop our own picture, our own point of view.

The world needs people who can think, people who can wade through a digital world saturated with propaganda and make an informed and educated opinion that will improve our world. The world needs people who can empathise, collaborate, challenge, innovate and create.

Wired for Wonder is a door to a completely new way of thinking. 

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