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Wild Embers - A four week women's journey into self

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113 Yungarra Dr

113 Yungarra Drive

Quedjinup, WA 6281


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Refund Policy

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Wild Embers - A four week womens journey into self

Here's the thing.

It's clear that as women we are craving something deeper now. We know there are parts of ourselves that are ready to be seen, to be loved, celebrated, understood. We know that there's some sort of magic floating around. But we also want to be able to take this magic, this love, this understanding, this connectedness and actually maintain it as a human being, in this human world.

Wild Embers sister circles have been specifically created with absolute love mixed with how the fuck do we really show women how they can be connected, aligned or some may call it "spiritual" while ALSO being human, real, lit up, raw and creating epic things in the world.

To be a high vibe woman who understands men & relationship.

To be a sensual woman who makes love to life.

To be open hearted and magnetic. (Magestic AF)

To be an inspired woman able to consciously create money, relationships, and experiences with ease.

To be a connected woman to the earth, to herself, to her souls mission.

To be a woman of integrity within the sisterhood, to have their backs, and have her own. To be a woman who can sit in the "wtf-ness" of life and still hold her Center and breathe easy.

To be a woman of celebration, playfulness, joy, ease, creation, alignment. To be a woman of fire, of passion, of truth.

Wild embers is a 4 week journey into Self, each other and the world.

The course will be held over 4 weeks, in sync with the moon. Meeting for 2.5 hours at a time to delve into that week's topic and explore together. Snacks will be provided as will badass workshop content, different exercises, tools to take back into every day life, tribe and vibes.





Time: 6.30pm - 9pm

This week we get real with our identities of who we think we are. To ourselves, to other women, to society, to men.

We then begin to redesign how we want to feel, and show up in the world. Understanding the connection between our emotional body, our mind, our spirit.

We delve into an embodiment exercise to explore connection, women & The sisterhood, to fall deeply in love with the feminine.




Time: 6.30pm - 9pm

In week 2 we delve into getting out of our head and into our heart. Conscious Creation. We talk about our vibe, and how that interlinks with our physical state, and our emotions.

Learn how to alter your vibe so that you can consciously create an upwards spiral of momentum in your life.

We talk self loving, Manifestation, & Different rituals and techniques you can do at home.

You’ll also be guided through a beautiful self love embodiment practice.




Time: 6.30pm - 9pm

Tune back into your natural feminine rhythm. Understand your cycle & Hormones in a new way.

We discuss the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy within us, within the world and within our intimate relationships.

We explore the phenomenon of MEN. We break the cycle of repeating the same patterns over and over, and instead discover the keys to creating lasting, empowering relationships.

Includes guided self discovery mini meditations.




Time: 6.30pm- 9pm

Week four, we celebrate, and take part in a “letting go” full moon ritual, under the full moon.

We bring shed layers of who we no longer are and step into our new identities together.

We will dance, eat food, play and love fully.


But here's the catch. We only have space for 12 women.

We want to be able to go deep with each of you into what's going on for you on a personal, emotional and spiritual level.We're committed to being able to provide one on one support during your journey into your fire, your power, your love, into your true self. So this means if your heart is beating faster and you feel the call, it's probably because your ready to turn your ember into a flame.

Secure your spot ASAP.

The investment:

* 10 hours worth of workshop time over the 4 weeks. Expansive content, conversations, exercises and processes specifically created to drop you out of your head, into your heart, to help you get real with yourself, with life, with your shit and also with your power. To guide you into deep understandings of yourself, men, money, creation and more.

* 24/7 Facebook support group which both facilitators will be in

* Snacks provided each week

* A tribe of like minded, high vibing women who "get it".

Early bird: $179

(Anyone under the age of 23 has access to early bird prices up until the course starts)

  • Early Bird finishes JAN 26

Full exchange: $220

"We are the descendants Of the wild woman you forgot.

We are the stories you thought Would never be taught.

They should have checked the ashes Of the women they burned alive.

Because it takes a single wild ember, To bring a whole wildfire to life" - Nikita Gill

4 weeks

12 women

We are ready for you.

Love Kat & Erica




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Date and Time


113 Yungarra Dr

113 Yungarra Drive

Quedjinup, WA 6281


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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