Why Your Stories Matter. Storytelling Workshop May 28 2018

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43 St Leonards Road

Ascot Vale

Melbourne, Vic 3032


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Why do our stories matter?

We have always told each other stories. Scientific evidence shows that’s because we are programmed to listen and learn from them. It’s how we've survived and thrived.

In an age where attention is the rarest commodity, we now have to find new ways to attract and retain it, and even more importantly, inspire recall.

How can you get your message to the people you most want to reach and make sure they remember it.

Story telling is how we’ve done it for millennia. Now it’s enjoying a major resurgence as businesses, organisations, and individuals realise its power to deliver a message that cuts through where normal communication fails.

You have the opportunity to tell your stories to reduce the distance between people, to heal rifts, to gather crowd power, to change how people think, and to do what needs to be done now, and into the future.

Purposeful, intentional stories unite us in a common cause, bring us to agreement, and inspire us to act.

If stories are the most compelling, influential and powerful tool in your communication toolbox, what stories do you tell and how well do you tell them?

The Why Your Story Matters workshop is an intimate and intensive workshop that introduces you to skills that not only make you a compelling storyteller, but enrich all forms of your communication, verbal and written to create lasting impressions.

Once you understand how to do it with the right purpose and intention, you can use this skill across any platform – business, philanthropy, promotions, or personal endeavour.

Benefits of the Why Your Stories Matter workshop

Beyond being a significant investment in learning the art of telling story, this workshop provides you with:

• the knowledge to recognise opportunities for connecting meaningful stories to productive results

• the ability to explore and articulate purpose

• an understanding of the importance of intention for all communication, written and spoken

• the means to define your own unique value and expertise

• the process by which you can record and grow a database of stories, personal memes and insights

• why and how to use succinct and clear language to support better spoken and written communication

• a framework to craft story, which can also be used for presentations and keynote addresses

• the technique for weaving story through any communication to engage, persuade, and influence

how to use story to convey powerful and purposeful messages to your colleagues, teams, and customers

how to use story to extend the range and depth of promotional opportunities for your personal or business's central messages

the ability to expand your catalogue of expert commentary

• the confidence to tell your three minute story by the end of the workshop.

The workshop is a collaborative experience beyond the training, drawing on the collective intelligence of all the participants to further hone your story outcome.

You’ll also learn the most common communication traps and how to avoid them when telling your stories.

Why Your Stories Matter framework

Through the Why Your Stories Matter framework, you learn a simple structure you can use over and over to craft your narrative.

You also learn:

What makes a good story

• Context for telling story

How to create the content for stories

How to structure and craft a great story

How to weave story into a talk, presentation or pitch

Why and how to become a story gatherer

Authentic voice and delivery skills.

Join us on 28th May 2018

Join an intimate group and experience an unforgettable learning experience that will change how you communicate.

As the facilitator, I have delivered this knowledge through workshops and seminars to more than 250 academics, PhD researchers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals. For many, it created a life changing experience as they were reminded how story can enrich, change, and even save lives.

I greatly look forward to your company.

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Date and Time



43 St Leonards Road

Ascot Vale

Melbourne, Vic 3032


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