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WEBINAR: Make meetings matter for sustainability

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WEBINAR: Make meetings matter for sustainability

2hr Webinar

This workshop is a 2hr webinar. Participants will be able to enter on line from their desk. All that will be required is a computer with internet access and a set of headphones with microphone.

Many times as we progress in our careers as sustainability professionals we find ourselves in meetings with representatives from other organisations, ‘experts’ and more senior staff. We may need to advocate for key inclusions to programs or designs so that sustainability principles are embedded in the work that other stakeholders are undertaking. It can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if we don’t yet feel confident that we have something valuable to contribute to the discussion, or we are worried about ‘getting it wrong’ or ‘saying something stupid’.

Drawing on facilitation and communication theory this workshop will empower you to contribute by teaching you 5 core types of verbal contribution that you can make to a meeting.

This workshop is especially suited to anyone who identifies as ‘not good with words’, shy, introverted, slightly anxious or perfectionist. It is also a great confidence booster for people in their first role, people with less experience with meetings, or for those who have recently had to ‘step up’ their involvement in meetings, committees and the like.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this Workshop practitioners will:

  • Become aware of their barriers to participation

  • Identify and replace unhelpful ‘scripts’ related to participation

  • Develop a plan for using evidence and other forms of persuasion for sustainability

  • Become familiar with and experienced in applying 5 different types of valuable verbal contribution

  • Consider body language for effective meetings

  • Develop a personalized plan for that next big meeting or series of meetings.

The minimum number of participants for this workshop is ten, otherwise it cannot be delivered.

Registration and payment in advance is essential.

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