Webinar 2: What Marketing Really Is...And What it is Not. Learn How to Win.

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As a business owner, you should be greatly concerned at the amount of misinformation published on the internet by unqualified people pretending to be ‘experts’ in marketing. Their 'advice' can mislead unsuspecting business owners into financial trouble and damaging brand problems; not to mention the incredible waste of money almost all businesses lose weekly, by committing to expenses they have been midlead into spending. As a professional marketing consultancy, we are concerned about this dangerous misinformation too.

So how do you know what’s good information and bad information in the risky realm of business advice? Simply book a free seat in the next Webinar where I will be presenting vital aspects of marketing science and business development.

We have taken the time to create some free online seminars to educate business owners and managers about what marketing actually is and what it is not - and the correct way to use marketing to make money - not burn money. We want to help protect you from being mislead. At The Business Firm, everything we say in our podcast, publish in our books, teach in our courses and present in our seminars is empirically proven, research-based, technically sound marketing content that you can trust comes from a properly qualified person.

Topics covered include: how advertising REALLY works and how to only spend money on what ACTUALLY gives returns;

  • We'll show you how to sell 20% more without any extra customers;
  • We reveal the truth about consumer behaviour and how buyers actually choose between your brand and your competitors’ – an incredibly powerful thing to know!
  • Plus, we tell you the three biggest pieces of misinformation that wastes money and leads to nothing – things that nearly everyone has already been sucked into doing.

Do yourself a favour and attend this 50 minute webinar that will end your vulnerability to misleading information and stem the flow of unnecessary expenses you are probably already paying. Every day until you see this webinar, is probably costing you hundreds...even thousands. The webinar is free to attend, you are encouraged to ask questions throughout, and you’ll make stacks of money from the information you will learn.

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