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WAHCKon is proud to offer the following training:

A hands-on introduction to hardware hacking
: The Incredible Dr. Silvio Cesare
Description: In this 1-day training event, you'll learn the basics of introductory hardware hacking. You'll learn practical skills and tool usage and also learn some underlying theory.
Specifically, time permitting, you'll learn:

  1. Basic electronics theory.
  2. How to solder. You'll implement this essential skill to build a small toy electronics kit.
  3. How to interface with UART. You'll disassemble an ADSL router, solder header pins, and interface with it.
  4. How to dump serial flash using the BusPirate.

Duration: 1 Day (28th of April)
Price: $500 per person (Standard) / $350 per person (Student/Concession) + Ticketing Fees

Running with rabbits for beginners
: Hugh Davenport
Description: This training session will give attendees a rundown on how to work with the American fuzzy lop (afl) fuzzing tool. This fuzzer allows users to find memory corruption bugs among others.
The training session will have some example programs that contain bugs, walk through setting up the fuzzer, running it, and triaging the bugs. Some details will be given on both exploiting and fixing the bugs as well. Note that these will be simulated bugs in programs/libraries only used for training. No zero days will be presented.

Duration: 1 Day (28th of April)
Price: $250 per person (Standard) / $50 per person (Student/Concession) + Ticketing Fees

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