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Visualization Techniques For Manifesting & Meditating

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Visualization is the key to getting more out of your meditations, and it makes a world of difference in your ability to manifest.

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Visualization Techniques For Manifesting & Meditating

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Location: Online Workshop (Live)
  • Date: Sat 30 Nov 2019
  • Time: 2pm Melbourne/ 1.30pm Adelaide/ 11am Perth

Participants will receive the workshop access link and password in their Eventbrite email confirmation after signing up for this online workshop.

In this three-hour online workshop, we will explore and practice various visualization techniques in the context of meditation and manifestation, including two visualization tools that are less known but amazingly effective: emotions and sensory stimuli. We also discuss the scientific principles that explain how visualization works in manifesting.

Are you ready to experience more powerful meditations and manifest effortlessly? Let the power of your imagination take you there: it’s easier than you think!

Workshop Outline

  • Visualization: The Power of Inner Sight
  • The Types of Anchors In Visualization: Sensory, Emotional, and Visual
  • Practice: Using Sensory Stimuli to Anchor Your Visualization
  • Practice: Using Emotions to Anchor Your Visualization
  • Practice: Using Images to Anchor Your Visualization
  • How It Works: Visualization, aka Your Imagination, Is The Ultimate Time Traveller & The Science Behind This
  • Practice: Using All Three Anchors In A Meditation
  • Practice: Using All Three Anchors in Manifesting

About The Facilitator: Samantha De Silva

I’m a life coach, author, and intuitive healer with a B.A. from Nanyang Technological University. I created the 29-day total wellness program, The Abundance Game, and have written two novels in the Daywalker Chronicles urban fantasy series: Blood On The Moon and Hunter's Moon.

I’ve been an educator for most of my adult life. At some not-so-gentle nudging from the Divine during my spiritual awakening, I transitioned to coaching that supports lightworkers, empaths and the spiritually curious who can benefit from practical skills like shielding as well as spiritual and intuitive coaching during the early stages of their spiritual journey.

I incorporate cognitive behaviour therapy principles, animal medicine, angelic healing, intuitive healing, and abundance healing into my coaching methodology. We are always learning, and I do not have all the answers, but I share what I have learned and what innate skills and knowledge I have with those on their spiritual journey, for all our highest good.

I have been coaching clients in interpersonal and corporate communication skills, fiction writing, and creativity since 2009, and I now coach clients who are looking to thrive in all areas of their life, using abundance and intuitive healing for a more holistic approach. I have spoken as a panelist and conducted workshops at writing festivals including the All In! Young Writers Festival and have also conducted workshops for the National Book Development Council of Singapore regularly.

I began developing The Abundance Game and my intuitive healing skills as a healing and personal growth tool for myself, having experienced depression, anxiety, as well as emotional and physical abuse in my 20s.

If you would like to work with me, I would be honoured to be part of your journey!

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