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Explore Goward MP & her Senior Maroubra CBD Staff NSW Heritage & Housing Decade Disability Discrimination False Trap in our WWII Veterans & their grown children treated Inhumane


Sydney, NSW 2034


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Explore Goward MP & her Senior Maroubra CBD Staff NSW Heritage & Housing Disability Discrimination False Trap in WWII Veterans & their children,+South+Coogee+NSW+2034/@-33.9282282,151.2516953,3a,75y,211h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1swreLW-hiCANbyr6K_9hkxw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b12b23986b9a15d:0x578e491db0d39003!8m2!3d-33.9284228!4d151.2515757.

In NSW Heritage and Housing Goward MP and her cruel staff Kira Weiss treat WWII veterans and their children and grandchildren like birds in cages they are so nasty and cruel they trick them out of their rights to live safe, Freedom disconnect their family lives .

Even to do such disgusting inhumane behavior to impose years and years of " Fake Rort Behaviors" just to delay so they can earn themselves all the pensions and taxpayer funds and abuse the real needy so they can help their friends on the list who are not using wheelchairs and or carers to care for anyone in these whole and semi houses that staff install for them . E.g Staff single man Tradie fit as fiddle to install him in a 3/ b whole house for him use when he has trade and works earns good living.

Although many doctors requested 2/b room semi house to accomodate dire need veterans family loved one they kept stuck on Coogee with various health issues to heal urgently attend staff force the risk to stay than move the emergency move and thus they prefer to break laws and Anti Discrimination Act and their own OHS policies states "It is unlawful to trap and prison in someone suffering the risk and impact in building with stairs one cannot tolerate it and lack of bath because of disability requires suitable housing".

And so rather than deliver one 2 b/ room semi house they rort tricks , tactics annoy and abuse serious inconvenience to point to trap lives and cause the worse pain and suffering lifestyle to make people live their lives like birds in cages in their own homes .This is is not service its the staff sin they force you into worse lifestyle and risk 3rd World they do not even grant crisis hotel and cut off access to leave your home they do this save money and to breach the law because they nasty tricks and rort the pensions and taxpayers this way.

This was put to clover Moore she ignored this dire need went on to psend massive taxpayers funds on advertising Same Sex Marriage there was no on help not even Goward and her staff the people responsbile to do this.

Reg Brookhouse Focus Magazine wrote the letter confirm to staff and Goward to give new 2 b/r sm house he signed authority the staff did not deliver house urgency staff rort .

This is not fair because they have others in mind list and they do them faprefer to rotvors these people are not suffer severe medical or at risk they driving up with trades Utes they work they do well : Its is rort to be told to wait years and years to sit suffer risk they dont care they do not come sorry and install the new house they a rort and rip off severe massive debt and home wreckers . they get a date and for housing staff they love their sin its unlawful they do it years and never let them out or know when the 2 offers will come: they pee off on their agreements and look after themselves and rort the pensions and taxayer fund unfair this way .

This office Maroubra has history record to do these bad nasty tricks to rort the real dire needy out of their lives while children and veterans need connect to loved ones this love and Equal Human Rights and care for each to move on and need for special house ever comes you know its rort and lie, and your cheated out of all pensions and suffer massivce debts and injuries . This is the service they impose on the dire needy there is no complying to crisis hotel and or new property under emegency policy the police is abuse and used by staff and Goward to tolerate their discrimination and breach duty care and OHS .

need urgency kinds of fake delays to carry on trap and cause severe trauma and impact to health and they dont say sorry or come out and enforce the law to install the new property. They just sit in their office behind compiuter working to take all money pensions and time and cause massive debts to flood in from their rude wicked nasty rip off rort to disconnect the ives so they cannot access family and have normal safe live and Freedom and move on to live and do their health needs . in new property because they have disabilities from Housing causing injuries the need was dire and they failed to care help to comply to their own signed agreement to deliver the house ; rather they prefer to house many people without disabillities and give them access to whole and semi houses which they dont need and are working and fit as fiddle and they do not care for any disabled person in dire need to live . get them sign agreements and promises from Housing CSO staff Sue Iemma, Simon Gullespie promised new property 2/b semi house which they failed to deliver and ran away from their responsbility jobs not caring about the suffering injuries they cause and lack of ability to access food and clothes and cause use of 3rd World Toilet buckets to use this and the stink stench to empty it in a broken down toilet in lenghty periods delays to do work fix toilet.

The other unsanitary problem Goward govenment kept ingoring medico and legal documents warning to deliver crisis hotel and to fix basic broken down front gate for wheelchair access in each dire situation staff and Goward carry on the risk. While this risk went on the Goward Electorate woman at the office received all the calls and CSO Staff supplied with all medico and legal documents complaints . In spite this they ignore the warnings and health risk cause injuries: and they became even more wicked they stayed in their nasty behavior office constantly keep the risk goind on just so they can cause more undue suffering worrying ignoring the bad risk for many years they refuse to comlpy rather than comply to OHS and Duty of Care Laws and keep causing undue Disability Discrimination to point to abuse and use pensions and cause massive debts flood in and lack of food, clothes , living and go and come leasve your home and to get with your loved ones became impossible to disability here is not taxpayer funded crisis hotel delivered to get safety relief well being which run them into many many years to point to miss out on their lives causing them suffer injuries and massive debts while taking all pensions on time and taxpayer funded crisis hotel and the taxpayer funds to due to disability discrimination and Breach sham she take the money and Sue Iemma who signed to give new 2/b semi -

house for medio and legal risk free safe did not deliver it for years. They cause war veterans to get lawyers and barristers on them and drs to complain that is all the service they give then they keep cheating lie and rip off pensions to cause veterans and children to live worse 3rd World Living they keep up their unlawful trap they know it wrong their sin and they deny family to get with each and live and love and care for their lives .

These staff cheat ,oppress and abuse, persecute impose their unlawful trap it could be even more 10 years they never repent of their sin they are hide their sin from others .

God knows their sins and every lie they tell and their unlawful breach and their inhuman cruel time consuming fake delays cause poverty and massive debts in these delays while they keep it going on in dark because they sinners working their hands from their sin unawlful behavior : they are not comply to God glory Will and to their own rules and polices which they never comply to . They are supplied medical documents and legal ignore this shows they are dishonest how dare they abuse medio and legal and risk lives of war veterans and their own children.

They do not let you know where your life heading they keep you living in their darkness they work in darkness they have dark wicked hearts, mind and no soul , because they did not repent of their wicked ways and turn away from their sins and unlawful behaviors . You can tell they never repent of their sin do the right thing; they refuse to Obey God's Law and they do not comply to their own policies and rules .

Then they for party and holiday Christmas , New Year and all holidays and get paid to sham the war veterans and their children to cut of their medio and risk Freedom lives and injury them and cause rip off all pensions just so they can earn their Red Light steal tactics to make themselves rich . They are not ashamed of their filth lack of crisis hotels and lack of this 2/b semi - house and lack of compensation they save money denying Justice and Equal Human Rights and to cheat lie and scam the war veterans and their children .

This makes the Lord angry to pour out His wrath on them in the bible God said care for the needy poor dont turn them away dont oppress, persecute , rob all the money food, clothes , living from His children .

Sue Iemma letters and her lies and Vicky Garatoudi and other staff all break law refuse to not give Justice to front wchair access and imposed their cruel behavior is inhuman abuse of war veterans and their children and doctors and lawyers and failed to deliver the new house.

They save money on also 3rd World Toilet buckets they ignore to give risk free sanitary life they tolerate toilet buckets they dont care pain and suffer to service them empty the filth and they dont give compos loos or any portoloo like in USA and Europe they save money cause costs to war veterans who they cause injury to bladder and other injuries to service toilet buckets without a flush and to empty it in broken down toilet over long time this lack of crisis hotel this imposed on them .

War veterans are clean they use special sanitary and paid for it and worked their guts out to get toilet fixed while these staff sat behind their computers earn their money to impose this filth they never offer crisis hotel or comply to taxoayer funded crisis hotel and cause debts flood in war veterans at the same time they impose lack of new house for war veterans children.

Staff Kira Weiss she rip off all pensions she told the dire need to move on she refuse and fob them off to avoid do comply to give the new /b house: she want to twist it to suit her never give leave them to sit suffer and carry on poverty without do days honest work.

That is all they do work to do their sin in Gods eyes and law they are wicked sinners that hate to give what they promise they sign they talk all their words are end up no where empty promises and a lie.

Goward and her staff think they above God and the law but their days at at end God will punish them they will not have job for long - they will not have clothes on their backs and food, and all what they stole from war veterans and their children trap force .

This cause pay massive debts spend over $30,000 on this hell hole trap and lie and risk their homes than deliver tghat new house and crisis hotel and push toilet buckets to save money on crisis hotels and prevent connect them to new house .

Recent letter from Goward states she does not have all Authroty consent that is lie the staff lie to Goward and she pats them on the back for their wrongs breach the law.

Sue Iemma and Simon Gullespie signed the agreements and receive Authority now after all these years keep rob the pensions and abuse and impose massive debts to wreck homes and lives: and they dont clean up the mess they enjoy their unlawful bad behavior . They receive all documents all medio and legal documents and they lie cheat say they never receive this and that and they taken the lot and just abused the lor to earn their money on cheating and lies .

Focus Magazine Brookhouse put agreements and Authorithy signed to Sue Iemma , Gullespie and Goward accept then the staff lie and deny Justice .

That how bad they work they not service they false prison and a lie and massive debt and injuries and they do not know God ior care about risk and lives hey impose danger and even death to many.

tell lies they are dishonet they not not sorry for do these wrongs and injuries and decade timje they rip off their lives and

God said in the Bible He will punish the wicked sinners the cant enter heaven or propser on earth. also twist the agreement

God taken over this and its also breach of Disability Discrimination Act and all of Gods commands are abused.

Real Story (c) 2017 Reserve All (c) Copyrights no one can change or modity or sell mass production Under Copyright Law in Australia and International.

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Date and Time


Explore Goward MP & her Senior Maroubra CBD Staff NSW Heritage & Housing Decade Disability Discrimination False Trap in our WWII Veterans & their grown children treated Inhumane


Sydney, NSW 2034


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