Understanding your menstrual cycle, reclaiming the power of your period

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Understanding your menstrual cycle, reclaiming the power of your period, freeing yourself from personal and collective shame and the pain.

About this event

Understanding your menstrual cycle, reclaiming the power of your period, freeing yourself from the shame and the pain.

Did you know that...if you hate, reject or shame your period you actually hate, reject and shame a part of you. Walking around with this heavy ball and chain reflecting directly into your self-worth, your self-love and your ability to fully claim your power. Your ability to fully love and accept yourself. This then affects your career choices, your relationship choices, and all other life choices.

Would you like to know more? Want to know how to transform that?

What would it be like if you didn’t hate your period?

What would it be like if you loved your period?

Can you even imagine that? I know there was a point in my life where I couldn’t.

I did everything I could not have it. It haunted me...if I have anything fun to do, like go on camp or a swimming carnival I would get my menstrual cycle.

I freaking hated it, I tried to skip it as much as I could until my friend told me about her Implanon and how it was the best thing ever because she never bled.

Back then I thought it was God's gift to womxn..that was until I found out the true power of our monthly blood.

It wasn’t until I have been on the Implanon for over 4 years. Some womxn in the course have stopped bleeding already. We shed a lot of grief that day. So much grief over the magical times we missed, the powerful blood we lost or just trashed.

From that moment I was on a mission to support women and people that bleed in my life. I was also passionate to educate any partners or fathers that wanted to know more.

Who is this for?

This course is for you if you bleed if you have finished or have stopped or care deeply about someone with a menstrual cycle.

I tried to fit in as much as I could in this jam-packed 4-hour workshop! Plus you will also get a red tent a month later. Because this will be new knowledge sometimes it's hard to keep it up when the world around you still holds the dense energy or shame and digest. This follow-up will be to support you in your journey to freedom and unconditional love.

The idea of red tends originated many years ago, back in the day when the womxn would come together to bleed together. It was a magical time of rest, traveling between realms as the veils between worlds are the thinnest during your bleed.

The workshop starts with the acknowledgment of country, an intro, and creating of safe space.

Part 1

Connecting to your cycle - the deep truth of it. Herstory the intro to the history of the power of our blood 🩸 we will dive deep into your relationship to your menstrual cycle and discover how it affects your self worth.

Part 2

Learn Moonsong wheel by the famous Jane Hardwicke-Collings (midwife/white witch) - understanding how you fit into the wheel of life. Moon cycles, seasons, time, archetypes - maiden, mother, mega, crone, menstrual cycle, pagan holidays/traditions and other powerful rituals. This was one of the most crazies, mind-blowing things I learned. Just this part alone will change your life forever.

Break 20-30 minutes for rest and integration)

Part 3

Shamanic Journey to reclaim your menarche! Menarche (the first time your bleed) is a rites of passage for womxn, no intention is the intention. How you stepped into womxnhood reflects how you live life now. Whether it was epic and memorable or shameful and sad. You will get to reclaim your rightful power with this beautiful and gentle shamanic journey. (No previous experience needed, suitable for anyone and works for all, don’t worry)

Part 4

Blood magick, menstrual rituals, and period sex! (For all levels beginners and advanced) Yes we get into the power and the magic of the sacred blood. Did you know that the blood cells we release every month is would create the baby if you got pregnant. That blood creates a human. Ready to find out its true power? I’ll share some rituals that have been passed down through generations, I’ll explain what to put on your alter, what to wear, what to eat and how to f*ck. Have you done sex magic before? How about blood magic? And how about both? This is not to be missed!

Part 5

The truth about tampons revealed

Part 6

Completion and Q and A

Plus a Red tent follow-up session in a month's time! A red tent is a place where women gather, connect, dream and channel when on their period.

Lifetime access to all content

Lifetime access to a community with like-minded souls to share tips tricks and experiences. This is priceless, I found it hard to integrate when people around me still hated their cycles and I couldn’t connect on the same wavelength.

This workshop is valued at $1555 USD, grab today for only $159.


***Note eventbrite payment is in AUD.

Sliding Scale

Regular Ticket Price $159 USD


Sponsorship Ticket $222 USD- For those with extra to share, you are purchasing a ticket for your self and a generous scholarship ticket for someone in need of support.


Lower Income Ticket $99 USD- For those with extra financial challenges, the opportunity to attend the workshop


Repeats $20 USD- For someone who attended one of my live events previously and would like a refresher


Time Conversions

CT 7:30pm - 11:30pm Saturday 15th

EST 4:30pm - 8:30pm Saturday 15th

Mexico 6:30pm - 10:30pm Saturday 15th

Perth 7:30am - 11:30am Sunday 16th May

Sydney 9:30am - 1:30pm Sunday 16th May

New Zealand 11:30am - 3:30pm Sunday 16th May

London Perth 12:30am - 4:30am Sunday 16th May

You will get lifetime access to the workshop plus if you can’t make it in person let me know your timezone and you can attend the next live event free.

In my programs and workshops, we don’t just accept difference, we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. We celebrate all shapes, ages, colours, genders, sexualities, and abilities. Community is one of our tops values. I strive to create a safe and radically inclusive space. The foundations of my work is all about radical self-love and acceptance for self and for all around us. My offerings are open to all people including those with disabilities and other impairments. Please if for some reason you notice something missing, let me know. I will listen to you, to your needs, and will make sure that I can provide you with whatever you need to have a safe and profound journey.

Testimonials from Previous Events

“I recently attended the workshop for menstruation and boundaries run by Dasha! The whole day was inspiring and the space was so magical, peaceful and inviting. I learnt and discovered so much about myself. We were surrounded by beautiful aromatic flowers. From the workshop I gained so much knowledge that I can’t wait to incorporate in my life and use to benefit myself. I feel so much more connected with my cycle and the cycles all around us. And that feels so grounding. Additionally, I never thought I would say this but I am so excited for my next period ” - Kira

"Dasha’s mission is to spread wisdom about women menstrual cycles, sexuality, boundaries and other taboos. The women moon cycle workshop was both informative and magical. Dasha gave us an introduction to menstrual rituals and explained why our bleed time is a blessing connecting us to the higher realms. I really enjoyed the meditation and sharing cycle where we all get to speak, to listen and to get inspired by one another. I truly recommend this workshop to every female, hoping she will pass on the knowledge and spread the awareness ✨" - Paulina

Money-back guarantee. If it’s not what you thought I will give you the full refund.***

***You must arrive at the workshop on time and stay till the end of part one, fully participating. If at the end of that you are not satisfied, just send me a quick message, you will receive the full refund and your access will be terminated.


What if I can’t attend live? You will have lifetime access to watch the reply and if I do it again live you will get an invite to rejoin.

Are their payment plans available? Yes, if you are really struggling please reach out. hello@dashabarsukova.com

Is there an affiliate? Yes after you register you will receive a discount code to share with your friends. If you want to become a promoter and earn commission please send us an email with a request to hello@dashabarsukova.com

Why should I for this workshop if I can find this online for free? If you can please do, I haven’t found much information available. As you will learn in the workshop a lot of this knowledge has been hidden and destroyed. Also, the benefit of doing this course is your get to share your experience with other live time or in the replay and you will get access to the group. You will also be able to ask me any personal questions you may have.

If I don’t like it can I get a refund? Yes, you must arrive on time for the live event and full participation in part 1 and it is not what you expected, you can get a full refund. If it’s a change of mind you don’t get a refund. For the sacredness and privacy of the group. You will only be able to receive a refund if you complete part 1 of the live event. After then you are not legible for a refund.

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