Unconscious Bias & Inclusivity Training - Albury

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3 hour interactive training to address unconscious bias and develop inclusive practices.

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Research shows that greater diversity within workplaces leads to stronger teams, better outcomes and greater happiness at work. However, our unconscious bias can limit acceptance of diversity and unwittingly set up non-inclusive practices. One of the best ways to overcome this is through gaining insight into our own bias and employing some simple strategies to create a more inclusive workplace.

We are rolling out Unconscious Bias and Inclusivity training within Charles Sturt University to assist staff in learning these strategies and increasing their awareness. This training is one of the key initiatives under both the Workplace Gender Equity Strategy, endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor in September 2018, and the Athena SWAN action plan which resulted in achieving an Athena SWAN Bronze Institution Award in December 2018.

The KPI is that 100% of senior staff are trained by the end of 2020. However, the training is open to all staff and attendance will be recorded into Web Kiosk. The training sessions will cover:

• Why we need to address unconscious bias and inclusivity, including organisational benefits and legislation

• What is unconscious bias?

• Understanding privilege , including the Privilege Walk and how to check our own privilege

• How exclusion and unconscious bias negatively impacts behaviour and decisions

• Case studies and examples of behaviours and their underlying assumptions

• Equity vs Equality

• Strategies for overcoming exclusion, including bystander interventions and the characteristics of being supportive

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