Free Bootcamp by Fitcorps

Free Bootcamp by Fitcorps

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The Student Hotel Amsterdam West

4 van de Sande Bakhuijzenstraat

1061 AG Amsterdam


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Free Bootcamp by Fitcorps. Get ready to kick some ass & get in shape during this high intensity 45 minute bootcamp

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Too fit to quit 🏋️‍♂️

Join Niki of Fitcorps for a sweat-so-good FREE bootcamp class that will get your muscles saying “HELLO” to the world.

No matter what your fitness level, Fitcorps trainer Niki will have your heart going with this booty-kicking workout ⚡️

Endorphines up? Check ✅!

Good sweaty glow? Check✅!

Everything you need for a good start of the week? Check✅!

See you in the Gym for a kick-ass start of the week, every Wednesday at 19:30.

Important: Our Trainer Niki will be on summer holidays from 17th - 24th of August, which is why there won't be any Bootcamp Classes on those days. But don't miss out on our Bootcamp during the other weeks of August.

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