Free Bootcamp by Fitcorps

Free Bootcamp by Fitcorps

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The Student Hotel Amsterdam West

4 van de Sande Bakhuijzenstraat

1061 AG Amsterdam


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Free Bootcamp by Fitcorps. Get ready to kick some ass & get in shape during this high intensity 45 minute bootcamp

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Too fit to quit 🏋️‍♂️? Join the buff boys of Fit Corps for a sweat-so-good FREE bootcamp that will get your muscles saying “HELLO” to the world.

No matter what your fitness level, these guys will have your heart going with this booty-kicking workout ⚡️.

Endorphines up? Check ✅!

Good sweaty glow? Check✅!

Everything you need for a good start of the week? Check✅!

See you in the Gym for a kick-ass start of the week, every Wednesday at 19:30.

If last minute, you can’t make it, please make sure to sign off through the following email address: 🤘

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