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Theory and Aural Studies Tuition Form - 2017

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Please contact the St Peters Music Department on (07) 3377 6279 if you have any further questions.

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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Please contact the St Peters Music Department on (07) 3377 6279 if you have any further questions.
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Theory and Aural Studies Tuition Form - 2017

These classes are offered to complement the practical work of individual instrumental lessons. Normally tuition is commenced when a student has been learning an instrument for at least two years. The course follows the AMEB syllabus with the objective of sitting the online exam under supervision by St Peters staff at the conclusion of the course.

Students undertake theory classes for several reasons. Firstly, by studying this aspect of their musical studies outside the instrumental lesson, more attention can be placed on practical components at the practical lesson.

Secondly, for those students undertaking AMEB practical examinations (Grade 6 and above), a pass in Musicianship / Music Craft / Theory (Grade 2 or higher) is required in order for the certificate to be awarded.

Additional Pre-Requisite Levels Required for Practical

AMEB Examination - AMEB Additional Requirement

Grade 6 Practical - Pass, Grade 2 Musicianship or Music Craft or Theory of Music

Grade 7 Practical - Pass, Grade 3 Musicianship or Music Craft or Theory of Music

Grade 8 Practical - Pass, Grade 4 Musicianship or Music Craft or Theory of Music

AMusA Practical - Pass, Grade 5 Musicianship or Theory of Music

LMusA Practical - Pass, Grade 6 Musicianship or Theory of Music

Enrolment in the program is also recommended for students studying elective Music and Music Extension to support and extend their studies and musical ability.

Classes will be offered in 2017 as follows:

Junior School:

Preliminary Grade Music Craft (for Year 4 students who have been learning their instrument for 18 months or more- generally referred by instrumental tutor)

Middle / Junior High / Senior School:

Grade 1 Musicianship (for students in Years 5 8)

Grade 2 Musicianship (for students in Years 6 10)

Grade 3 Musicianship (for students in Years 7 12)

Grade 4 Musicianship (for students who have completed Grade 3 Musicianship or Theory)

Grade 5 Musicianship (for students who have completed Grade 4 Musicianship or Theory)

Grade 6 Musicianship (for students who have completed Grade 5 Musicianship or Theory). This class will only be offered if numbers make it viable.

Classes are held in groups of approximately 6 students (although higher grades often have smaller groups).

Students enrolled in these classes would enter for the AMEB examination in either September (Musicianship Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) or October (Music CraftPreliminary).


Tuition fee

Preliminary Music Craft (Year 4 Only) $10.00 per 30 minute lesson

Grade 1 Musicianship $15.00 per 45 minute lesson

Grades 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Musicianship $20.00 per 60 minute lesson

All Tuition accounts are generated on a quarterly basis at the beginning of each Term. St Peters Business Office will issue a tuition account and this payment should be made via the portal. Accounts must be settled by the due date listed on the invoice, or lessons will be suspended until payment is received.

In addition there is a fee for the examination which will be billed on the account. Necessary workbooks will be advised by the Co-ordinator at the commencement of the course, and can be purchased from the School Locker store at the Indooroopilly Campus.

If a student misses a lesson through illness, the usual charge will apply. No charge will be made in the case of a long term illness, provided that the parents notify the teacher. If the student is ill on the day of the lesson, please contact the teacher immediately to advise them. The teacher will arrange for the student to attend another class if possible.

Students should commit to the whole course. If for some extenuating circumstance the student can not continue, a MINIMUM of 4 weeks notice in writing from parents/guardian is required prior to the end of term, or 4 weeks tuition fees for the new term will be charged in lieu.




Lessons will be held before school (30 minute lessons), at lunchtime (30 minute lessons) and after school (45 minute and 1 hour lessons) on various days. Lesson times are still to be finalised but will take into account the times of ensemble rehearsals wherever possible. Students must commit to a particular class for the full course: unfortunately it is not generally possible to change lesson days because of changed co-curricular commitments in terms 2 or 3.

Students will be advised via school email of their class by the end of Week 2 and classes will start at the beginning of Week 3. IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR YEAR 9 STUDENTS REGARDING IRONBARK

Please note that students wishing to enrol for theory examinations during their Grade 9 year must attend the later Ironbark sessions occurring after their examination. The 5 week interruption to theory lessons has a big impact on the students’ achievement levels.

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