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The Whole You! Daily balance with essential oils and kinesiology.

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Beaumaris/Bayside Melbourne

Address given after booking.

Beaumaris, VIC 3193

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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About the workshop
Chakras’ are, the 7 energetic centres in our body, which energy flows through. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these centres become blocked and may manifest as a sense of dis-easement in forms of aches or pains and feelings of low energy in the body. It is beneficial for our wellbeing to get to know which chakra centres are out of balance and how to restore the energy flow again, to assist greater well-being.

Balance is such an important part of life, as it helps us see the true perspective to situations that surround us. Learning to help support and cope with the new and different stresses and the needs and pressure that are placed upon us today is imperative, to our wellbeing, especially to live a healthy life well into our retired years.

An essential oil has it's very own story. We will show you how to restore balance by accessing some of the many symbolic expressions of different essential oils, which can help enhance your capacity to let go of symptoms, and emotions that may be holding you back, and move forward to restore balance again. It will also open you up, into a broader way of thinking and feeling, you may not yet have discovered.

Who is this workshop for

This really beautiful charkra and essential oils workshop is for anyone ready to explore the next stage of their lifes journey and would like to understand the basics of chakras. You will take delicious steps into yourself, connecting deeply to your core and refine how you are currently tracking in your life. In this workshop we will help you to get clearer on what is your heart desires and discover which essentail oil can support you.

Topics covered
- Tanya will show you how you can get to the source of your inner wisdom and true nature, using Kinesiology technique, essential oils and balancing your chakras for your whole well-being.

- Why essential oils work well with for you.

- We will show you how you can discover which chakra is out of balance through kinesiology and how to link an essential oil to support this chakra with the art and science of muscle testing, to restore balance. Helping you to feel more energy and alive.

- Essential oils, how they can help you manifest your hearts desires and assist emotions to help activate your body to heal.

- We will work with specific goal setting techniques and how you can discover the best goal for you.

​- Why it is important to slow down and listen to your inner wisdom.

​- Why balance helps enhance your wellbeing.

- What 11/11 means.

- You will learn practical skills to uncover and diffuse an issue associated with an emotional imbalance, feelings or distress, while helping you deepen your awareness and connection with essential oils, your emotions and the whole body.

- How to believe in your dreams and desires with a guided meditation, to restore balance to your 7 chakra centres.

- Assist you to feel worthy of the success you bring into your life, with essential oils.

- Learn simple kinesiology techniques, to take away with you and use in your daily life.

- Open you up to new possibilities and perspectives, by switching a negative problem into a positive outcome, by being grateful and graceful.

- Which essential oils can support each chakra centre to help you feel centred and balanced, with more energy.

You will learn

- About the 7 chakras.

- Which chakra that could be blocking you from achieving your goal.

- How to understand your fears, and worries and how you can transform them to move forward by using essential oils.

- Skills and techniques to help release emotional stress, from day to day dramas that may not even be yours, and are not serving you right now.

- Learn how essential oils can support you and your individual well-being.

- How to use positive affirmations with essential oils.

You will receive

- A reiki healing with Shirley Winton, that will help bring balance to your 7 chakra centres.

- A simple and guided meditation.

- Your very own essential oil mix, to take home and use to help manifest your set goal and desires.

We will provide

- Morning tea will be supplied.

- An enjoyable time working with essential oils, meditation, reiki healing and kinesiology, understanding.

What to bring

- Please bring your lunch.

- Note pad and pen.

- Comfortable cushion or pillow.

- Please wear comfortable clothing to relax and move around in.

There are limited place so please be sure to book your ticket.

*A refund is given 7 days prior to cancellation.

This course provides an understanding in how you can use essential oils to help enhance and support emotional care and wellbeing.

We will show you through kinesiology techniques which chakra show imbalances and how we can correct the imbalances through using essential oils.

You will be taken on a self discovery, teaching you some relaxation tools, meditations and an exploration into change.

The workshop is an essential delight, as you will discover the nature of essential oils and how they can transfer your health and wellbeing.

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Date and Time


Beaumaris/Bayside Melbourne

Address given after booking.

Beaumaris, VIC 3193

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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