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Brisbane Powerhouse

119 Lamington Street

New Farm, QLD 4005


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Who are we…

After 4 years and no sign of slowing down, the NXT LVL Community has been best described as The Antidote to Fear, Uncertainty and Chaos that Brisbane needed”.

Tim & his team have been coined the ‘Special Forces of Development’. Operating heavily from the shadow of individuals & business leaders, social & political influencers.

“In a time where, ‘who you spend time with’ dictates your future. Who you could be is far more important, than who you are.”

Others have shared:

"Showing people and businesses ‘the how’ to getting what they want while knowing clearly why they want it." - Roz Bishop (Private Investor & Executive Coach)

"Utterly life changing, gaining the ability to call yourself out on BS, when no one else will. Own your S#$% and succeed.- WARNING you may end up with a melted brain." - Beau Rutherford (Performance Coach)

"Get out of your own way or get run over." - Bryce Davies (CEO)

"Joining the NXT LVL community has allowed me to see people grow and achieve more in a shorter time period than I'd ever anticipated. Each cycle builds so intensely on the cycle before, giving us a plethora of tools to unlock our inner potential and reach new heights." - Jess Hockley (Strength Coach & Recovery Specialist)

So, who has your back for who you could become?

And who took the time to show you how?

There’s one thing above all else that will determine your future.

It’s a System

NXT LVL have ‘directly’ impacted and enabled 10’s of thousands of people to navigate the unknown, whilst being the antidote for chaos. Commercially doubling (2x) and tripling (3x) business revenues, whilst helping others spawn their own desired lives and impacts they want to make.

What matters most was enabling people to actually achieve what they wanted, and see the progress they deserve. Removing stuck businesses, financial stress and relationship pain, clarity with career progression and unlocking mental performance.

Regardless of industry, skill, background or age.. Developing people is a serious business.

  • The stats are out, and they’re appalling.. Most who invest are let down with waffled jargon, pump up, empty promises and tactics that don’t last; only causing the same issues they had previously to re-emerge.

Be it a Team or just an individual - it doesn't matter. Developing who you can be, to perform, adapt and remain relevant in an ever shifting and evolving world - is no longer a benchmark. It’s a standard.

Who’s got your back for your future?

Those who get what they want in life, all share 1 common trait...

Trait No.1 - they are open. - that’s it. 80% of success and getting what you want, is literally turning up and being open to what’s possible.

Unfortunately, so many suffer trying to do it alone, or think that their current knowledge is enough. Or many fail to experience the next level in their lives because they haven’t been ‘shown how’.

As NXT LVL grows and expands so does our SUMMIT series. This series is consistently sold out.. And it SUCKS when people miss out.

In this 4 hour summit, we take you underground, and show you:

  • The guiding system we use that governs all our clients results,

  • Common mistakes & problems, that blind side people

  • 3 tools that close gaps, and give back purpose, direction and traction

  • Discover your specific ‘achilles heel’ you may be blind to

  • A detailed overview of what we ‘actually’ do with clients sharing their results

We’ve kept most of NXT LVL behind the curtain for this long because we wanted to be 100% certain our product worked, not only once but repeatedly over and over again!

Through unconventional means and evidence based practices, NXT LVL has grown international with a very tight community across 5 arms that come together to form NXT LVL GROUP.

Who could you become if everything fell into place for you?

You’re only one level away..


What are my parking options for getting to and from the event?

Brisbane Powerhouse holds it's own parking facilities. Please arrive prior to ensure you reserve a place.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email if you have any further questions surrounding the event.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

You do not need to print your Eventbrite ticket, however please bring your digital Eventbrite ticket + NXT LVL Invitation to gain access on the day.

What is the dress code?

Show up in a way that tells others how you like to be addressed :)

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Date and Time


Brisbane Powerhouse

119 Lamington Street

New Farm, QLD 4005


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